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    Coventry stadium

    Agree post of the year having traveled 2-3 times a year from Scotland to Coventry it will be greatly missed only glad we made the effort to go to the last meeting .i only hope when the meeting takes place next week that the allocated meetings like the F1 British and the F2 World Final are moved to a stadium as close to Coventry as possible for all the fans who have booked hotels in advance for both these meetings
  2. Sam M

    Coventry rumours

    Does not look good we can only hope the major meetings ie the British for the F1 and the F2 World are moved to a venue as close to Coventry as possible as i am sure i am not alone in having hotels booked
  3. Totally agree with Stox 74 we travelled from Scotland to the Fi Friday night plus the Saturday gave Northapton a miss this year due to costs would love to have gone to the F2 World but as we are going down to Skegness next weekend this would have been very costly but if they had been spread out i am sure we would gone to them all , i also cannot understand why the three finals are in a row we are all losing out the promoters plus the fans
  4. Travelling down from Scotland on Friday looking forward to the world final, Phoned Coventry last week for update on the format for the Friday night and was informed that the National Ministock were racing what has happened to them as i see they are now not on !
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