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    Fan since 1954 - attended first Long Eaton and Sheffield and both Whipchicken Farm meetings. Raced F2 under no. 619 and later 38. Ardent Fred Mitchell supporter
  1. Unfortunately not so much as I would like as I am not so keen on lone travel nowadays. However, I am extremely fortunate in that I have 3 great tracks close to me here in South Lincs. - KL, Skegness and Northampton. Personally I have never been mad keen on tarmac racing (even when I raced formula 2's back in the early 70's) although I have seen some fantastic racing on both surfaces over the years. In the early fifties my father drove a coach to meetings which allowed us dedicated fans to travel the UK for the "Thrill of the Century" almost every weekend during the long season. I can claim to have witnessed the first meetings at Brafield, K.L. Sheffield, Whip Chicken Farm, and my favourite track to this day - Long Eaton, bumps and all ! Over several decades I have enjoyed being a regular spectator at Norwich, K.L. Skegness, Boston,Cadwell Park, Brafield,Bristol, West Ham, Harringay, Nelson, Bradford, Belle Vue, Doncaster, Brandon and Long Eaton (where I never missed a single meeting during its first ten years of operation) - just 5 perhaps 6 races per 3 hour meeting ! I have seen and enjoyed a lot of stock car racing! I am taking the opportunity to digress - WHAT OF TODAY? I have not seen a "bad F1 meeting" for many years - anywhere. Perhaps I am easily pleased ??? In my opinion the current standard of racing is nothing short of superb ( get down to K.L.if you don't believe me! ) and well supported by drivers who, after a week's work, drive purely for the fun of it, and entertain us whilst doing it ! There appears to be more "new" drivers now than for a number of years - someone will be dashing for the stats to prove me wrong - no doubt! Personally I am well tired of "politics" in ANY sport - I go to watch the racing - let the politicians deal with the politics is my motto. I quote Guy Martin - " go and cut the lawn and let the rest of us get on with it! " unquote. As for those drivers throwing their toys out of the pram because they don't approve of a regulation change - OH PLEASE!!! Finally - I am strongly in favour of "regular" meetings on set dates of the month to build up a stronger fan base at any given venue - in fact just like the "old days" - Fan Clubs and all!
  2. A17 road works have begun in earnest ! The official advised diversions are extremely lengthy and time consuming and are to be activated today (24th) and expected to continue until 2018! I live 1/2 mile from the A17 and use the road regularly - and as it is the main route to the east it is congested at the best of times. I would not advise would be racers/ fans to attempt to travel through the centre of Holbeach which appears to be the most obvious route on the map. The town centre has a 5 way junction which lets about 4 vehicles through before a lights change. If your approach is from Newark direction I would advise using the old A17 through the small village of Saracens Head and taking the first R which will lead back to the A17 roundabout near Holbeach, which is not affected and less than a mile detour. It is also possible to go through the village and continue along this road which eventually comes out on the 17 again at the Truck Stop. Once the original A17 (Willie tells me he used to stop at the Saracen's Head pub on his way back from racing at Norwich !) it appears quite a narrow road but easily passable. If you visit KL via the A1 connecting with the A47 through Wisbech then this route is not affected. Another fantastic meeting at KL on Sat. Well done to all - good VFM!
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