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    60s F1 fan of 396 & 53, joined BSCDA 71
  1. So many to choose from. For keeping the spirit of stock bodied cars, Danny Clarke and the Chevenger are up there.
  2. I think it's Wembley. Yes looks very much like Wembley in 74.
  3. JoDa


    Well remembered Billy, my records are non-existent so I'm guessing i took this in 1971 but I see you may have had a connection to 102 Brian Wignall so you may have a better idea on the year...
  4. Good to hear, this is too valuable a resource to loose and would be a shame for the hours of research to disappear into the ether.
  5. The index page says site unavailable for me - could be you're viewing a cached version in your browser?
  6. JoDa

    45 years ago today

    Great photo Colin , do you have any more 156 car photos and do you have any of the Mike Holt "revolutionary" space frame car that he won Heat and Final with first time out at Aycliffe This one at that very meeting? Sorry about the Aycliffe fence post - they were the real deal.
  7. JoDa

    Premier Sports,

    Sky TV Guide has 3:30 am, 4:30 PM Wednesday and 8:00 am Monday with Sheffield 5:30 pm Monday
  8. Another selection. I've gone for quantity as I can't match the quality of Colin's Lund picture, which as 2016 is the 40th anniversary of John taking to the track deserves to be top of the list.
  9. As someone with feet in both camps - ice hockey and stock cars - unsure why Premier's professionalism is being questioned. Should they have asked the Swedish Hockey league to delay the play offs by a day so that if the live game went to overtime it wouldn't push delayed coverage of a stock car meeting back. Or should they have gone from the live match at 8:30 and left the many ice hockey followers in the lurch. Do free terrestrial channels go to the 10:00 news in the middle of extra time or penalty shots when that football thingy is on? If a BriSCA meeting were to be covered live and there was a 40 minute delay to mend the fence, should they leave on lap 9 of the final to go to a delayed rugby match from Australia? Has Coronation Street with a higher viewer audience never been disrupted due to live sport? I don't know about the technology involved but isn't the issue with the sky box planner and recordings being linked to the time rather than the programme? Or have the other 200+ channels found a solution for programmes overrunning? The charge per month for 6 hours or so of BriSCA does look high. For me I get coverage of the top US Oval series - NASCAR- and the top world hockey league - The NHL - as well as the comparatively minor sports of UK Elite league hockey, European Hockey Leagues and Championships as well as BriSCA F1. I have 2 other programmes on series link for 9:00 on Tuesdays so have to record re-runs away. Wonder if Sky would move Elementary so I don't have a clash. Premier is a niche channel specialising in minority sports followers of each will naturally feel hard done by when their sport has to play second fiddle to another minority sport. I've seen programmes for NASCAR - Sprint Cup and Trucks - and NHL also delayed due to overrunning live coverage so I don't think Premier has singled out BriSCA for special treatment.
  10. JoDa

    1967 W/F line up

    Fifth from the left of those kneeling is Peter Farrington 77 Second from the right on the front row in the darker overalls could be Mike Holt 86 I'd expect the guy in the hat behind the trophy table to be Ted Janes 66 and behind him might be Bert Shipman 297. More guesses - 2nd from the left standing is possibly Pete Guinchard 258 and in the middle of that row between Fred Mitchell and the bearded one may be Johnny Pratt 394. In front of George Ansell next to the table may be Derek Green 6
  11. Didn't the MVDA - Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association - sponsor an annual championship meeting at the end of the season at Coventry with a massive trophy for the winner. Seem to remember a picture of Pete Falding holding what could have been a size record breaking award.
  12. If that was the case I'd say FWJ, doesn't matter what car or formulae you put him in he will be competitive or even better (Carl Boardley's hotrod for example) But out and out stock car driver I'd be edging towards Andy Smith. To be fair, Stuart Snr was no slouch when stuck in something different, wins in F2 and I believe he did very well in a car swap thingy with a hot rod if memory serves me right?? Neil He also beat professional rally and F1 GP drivers as well as Barry Lee of hot rod fame in - I think - a shellsport ford escort mexico challenge.
  13. Doug Cronshaw was the reigning British Champion from 1970 when he won the 1971 world final and as the championship meeting wasn't held in 71 he was the defending World and British champion in 1972.
  14. Another guess - 1968 Based on Dave Musson 235 looking to have a white roof as I think he was up to blue and beyond come '69 and not sure if 105 John Scott raced much in 69 & the 70's.
  15. Have a feeling it was Men & Motors but could have been Bravo.
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