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  1. Its just awesome 👌🏻. A credit to all involved.
  2. Ian 341

    Agm !

    I did the same thing, luckily mine found their way back and they sent me the 2002 ones. Its the 2010 ones that dont come with the backing washers. Anyway, like you say it is best to confirm!
  3. Ian 341

    Agm !

    Try these Nige, I got these for my helmet. They come with the backing washer. https://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motorsport/fhr-hans-devices/schroth-hans-clips-fia-8858-2002
  4. We got ours from gl motor factors on Lever Street in Bolton. Might be worth a try.
  5. Keep up the good work Team Fairhurst 👍🏻. Lee has always been good on the brakes!
  6. Thanks Nigel and Eddie it's sorted now thankfully but I'll bear it in mind for future. Just wanna say thanks to Steve for ringing me and giving me advice and thanks to Lee Almond (350) for coming down today and doing the wiring! It finally works 😀!
  7. Hopefully sorted again. Thanks for all of the replies.
  8. If anyone can help please let me know. Other person hasn't been able to make it.
  9. Sorted now 👍🏻. Thanks.
  10. Looking for someone to help me wire the msd box and gauges in. Car is in Bolton so if any one local can help please call or text me on 07985 793233. Any help is welcome as non of us are any good with electrics. Thanks Ian Clayton 341.
  11. I prefer the paint and airbrush look. Brian Evans designs have always looked good and the Boudary Garage cars especially Lee 217's look great. That being said there's not much in it with the stickered cars (a bit like my username and the chaps above 😀) and they look good to. Not sure which look if any I'll be going for because I'm spending money faster than I'm earning it so might just go plain 😂.
  12. Top gesture and well deserved. Good man 👌.
  13. Ian 341

    Scotland weekend

    I think £10 for camping is pretty reasonable. I'm going to Silverstone next weekend and our camping plot is above £100. Sometimes you've got to have a bit of perspective in life. Most people spend at least a fiver a day on dinner.
  14. Ian 341


    RIP. So sad, condolences to all of Clarks family and friends.
  15. I don't think it's such a bad idea. It will give the lower grade drivers a chance to improve their set up and actually have a race without worrying about the top guys coming through. It's probably harder to learn and more demoralising when you are just being shoved out of the way all the time. Worth a try at least and if it increases car numbers then we are all winners.
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