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    Motorsport, spectating and competing, Civil Engineering, Rail Engineering, Tennis, family, friends, BEER
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    None, father and mother raced Spedeworth Superstox in 70's
  1. Neal. Try callingthe national rail helpline tel:03457 484950 they May be able to confirm whether there is a bus replacement or other options if you have no luck.
  2. 150 tonnes is probably about a 2cm covering.. I think the figure is a factor of 10 out as a minimum
  3. Dan M

    45 Winter refurbs

    I'd give Steve a bell.... I'd describe him as a transmission geek.. he may be able to suggest a sensible fix or alternative.
  4. Dan M

    45 Winter refurbs

    He's rebuilding my LSD at the moment and took the time to show and explain how it worked and the benefits and drawbacks of other manufacturers.. in addition he's rebuilding and engineering some race teams boxes that used to be a once a race weekend refresh and making them last a full season. Might be fruitless, alternatively he may be a gem and provide a solution to a broken box/diff or at least potentially help with diff set up.. Just don't jump the feckin queue... I need to get my car finished pronto!
  5. Dan M

    45 Winter refurbs

    Nige.. you ever spoken to Steve Perks of Tracsport in Bromsgrove... he's quite the clever bloke when it comes to diffs and gearboxes.. will give you chapter and verse on Tranx and Quaife and might be able to help with a solution to CWP failures etc.
  6. Dan M

    Coventry stadium

    Columns are laid down.... if they were planted then it's a simple process to re-erect.. if they were cut - weld an extension tube and re-erect... nothing serious there... if they lights had gone for scrap then that's a different matter as they are circa £400 each for new from Abacus. Covers have been removed so they've not just been butchered down from that photo.. Mesh fencing - that's pennies to replace. I don't see much there to be massively concerned about to be honest. A decent S/C would have that re-erected and commissioned in 2 weeks tops including casting new bases and replacing wiring circuits for streetlighting. Let the professionals get on with their work before anyone jumps on the sensationalist bandwagon.. Remember - newspapers know precisely Sod all about costs or engineering. Lets put this in perspective.... IF the owners and leaseholder have agreed to undertake the work then it will take very little time to complete and certainly won't cost £1m to do.. If I were the owner/ leaseholder and were threatened/ lambasted at every turn as they appear to be on here and in other social media outlets... I'd be sorely tempted to take my ball and do what I will with it... so be careful what you say - the interweb can be read and does influence decision making at times/ hardens resolve.
  7. Dan M

    who is it gonna be?

    It's not especially onerous.. National B - 6 races finished without being a naughty boy- Upgrade to National A... 3 races at National A and the same don't be called to the headmaster et Voila... International Race C and you're eligible for BTCC. He will already have a race license if he's done a test day in a BTCC car... It's unlikely (but possible) that anyone would test a BTCC car on an open track day..
  8. Shouldn't take more than a couple of days to erect with cuplock scaffold
  9. Dan M

    Praise for Ipswich

    Wisbech is just as close, there are some pubs that do b&b there and a few small hotels. I'd just do a few calls.
  10. Dan M

    Praise for Ipswich

    the Travel lodge near Sutton Bridge is still showing available at £63 a night and is only 12 miles from Saddlebow road.. Travel lodge Kings Lynn Long Sutton.. A17 Wisbech Road. Long Sutton PE12 9AG. Bit out in the middle of no where but its a bed.
  11. Dan M

    Praise for Ipswich

    Precisely that. I don't think it's open to UK entries - happy to be corrected here as can't remember if UK non qualifiers can race.
  12. Dan M

    Praise for Ipswich

    Next topic.. How much t'get me whippet in lad..£14 you must be joking..
  13. What's the chassis tube diameter? CHS pound for pound is far more resistant to bend that SHS, if 70x70x5 box is specified on strength reasons it's AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORD easy to prove that CHS of a similar property or size is far superior.... Until it gets deformed. I would presume that BRISCA have no finite element modelling capability therefore minimum section sizes are the result of guesswork.. If so, rules are there to be challenged!
  14. His style seems to also reflect that used in rallying.. Fastest way isn't sideways unfortunately. Sliding a car loses grip and momentum. stu has obviously found a technique that works for him, his car and set up to allow him to take advantage.. It always annoyed me that I was able to handle oversteer on circuits and hated under steer yet someone comfortable with a little understeer would always be able to exit the corner with more traction and carry speed despite me taking more speed to the apex.. It will make him vulnerable up to the apex but once into the corner he's away.. A clever racer doesn't follow convention! Stu and Craig have evidently on a drying track found something a lot of people have not tried..
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