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  1. As the title says really. Cheers James 07927413573
  2. I think that's a good idea, if the damage is at night just a few porta loos around the back of the block for those staying over night is fine.
  3. I'm in 2 minds I'd really like to race at Wimbledon but is it worth the damage risk with no WWQ points on the table?
  4. The MSA are greedy and they are a big business when you look at the salaries of those employed there. But circuit racing really doesn't attract a crowd, and 95% of the crowd that are there (other than at BTCC meetings) are there on free tickets, because of that the drivers have to cover the track hire meaning stupidly high entry fees. There is nothing worse than paying 300 quid to race and then being taken out first corner, even though the race damage might be more that 300 feels like money down the drain, that's where relatively low entry fees of short oval racing wins out. But without attention and money ploughed back into the sport by the big players how is it going to draw a new crowd and stop the same happening that is in circuit racing?
  5. Remember reading that they were going to take the post and wire fence out for armco for 2013, does anyone know if this is still happening and if it will be done for March 17?
  6. I completely agree coming from Karts and Circuit racing all my mates think it's 'Hill Billy' racing and are very snooty towards it but I am a full convert!
  7. I would send you a pic now but I can't work out how! Haha (263)
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