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  1. Gary C

    foreign entrants

    does anyone know who the foreign entrants will be doing the time trials for grid places on the world final grid ?
  2. ticket sorted and also staying at Brandon Hall. Will be a great weekend. Racing for me and Spa for the good wife.
  3. would love to hear the wiley song take that on franks lap of honour. come on frank!!!
  4. Gary C

    Caption Time

    Honest to god Andy look, my little man reaches down to my knee!!!
  5. Can I remember a young Frank racing at cov with " Who needs a Huddart anyway " on his wing many years ago?
  6. How does the body feel on a Monday morning after so many years of knocks and bangs racing week in week out? (don't know how you do it).
  7. Gary C

    A bit surprised

    Bott Goes Ballistic Stock car may 1997
  8. wet tar track, shale car, tar car engine, would love to see Frank do it, come on Frank !!!!!
  9. there is one for sale on ebay
  10. Brilliant. Not long now, gentlemen start your engines!!!
  11. Gary C


    after being involved and so passionate about our sport and hearing such a thing then surely with all the financial commitments that are involved in keeping your car on track surely a driver has the right to ask about the future of his local track!
  12. Gary C

    black flag mix up

    there was a black flag waved last night and after a couple of laps scott davids pulled to the infield because of this when it was meant for the driver behind, did this cost him a place in the shoot out? and surely something could be done so the drivers know who the flags are for even in close racing?
  13. brilliant drive in the GN nige. good all day but to keep with will nice and smooth and no mistakes, pleasure to watch! turning point? Just one slight grumble i know rules are rules but being about 1mm too low next time just pass them all on the waved yellows that seems fine
  14. Gary C


    Spoke to Keith at Brafield world final last year but have not seen him since.
  15. after going to hednesford on sunday afternoon (first time there in many a year) i could not beleive the speed of the f1s in heat 1 (tom harris 84) and couldn"t help wondering what the lap times or full race times were compared to nigel whorton or chris elwell when they were running their tar specials around there. anyone help?
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