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  1. Thanks Nigel. If you ever want more practice we have a club car available for hire every Friday night
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    The Brisca site is Wordpress powered. That means the infrastructure to create a great website is already in place. You can have multiple authors, editors, embedded photo and video galleries, the works. It doesn't need money spending on it. Money buys you a flashy logo. It needs to be ran by someone/a group of people passionate enough to dedicate time and effort into creating content throughout the year. Just look at f1stockcars.com for an example of what is possible.
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    He clearly thinks someone's prepared to pay that much, so why wouldn't you try and sell it? I know i would.
  4. R/R 2/10 DoD 515. Whole meeting was a disaster, first time I've left Coventry feeling ripped off. No complaints about drivers not racing here - if it's not possible to complete 16 laps without medical assistance to clear your eyes at the end I'd have loaded up too.
  5. I think there was a sneaky driver change in the 307 car towards the end of the meeting based on driving styles... Dod 197 by a mile - suspect the other shootout drivers have called it a day this year R/R 5
  6. DOTD 197 - made the Euro final look easy. RR 7.
  7. This forum has been around for ten years. Every topic possibly related to Stockcars has been discussed at least three times. If only new, never-thought-of-before topics were allowed, this would be a very quiet place. If you don't like a topic, just ignore it like everyone else does - people don't need to worry if they have your seal of approval before posting.
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  10. The route into F1 is now through GP2 not F3. F1 teams don't have to look any further than the support races running before qualifying and the race to find the next best (or richest...) set of drivers.
  11. A big thank you from Switzerland! I always kept an eye on the results threads at weekends, much appreciated.
  12. Yep, great read, look forward to more of them!
  13. Yep, any car you have can drive on any track you have.
  14. Why not try radio controlled Stockcars? http://www.rugbystockcarclub.co.uk
  15. Nice car! Crasher - why the obsession with money?
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