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  1. well stuart smith followed lee robinson in in the grand national i think
  2. when is it available and where do we buy it from
  3. Matt M

    World champion 2

    well done paul, true champion
  4. oh wicked, what u just sit in it? and some one drives ya round... and nigel did u get my email
  5. what is them 2 seater rides at Nir this weekend?
  6. i saw some where there was, but cnt see it on incarace and no booking lis.... it says it on f1 stock cars website, under world final 2011
  7. are bangers on at Nir on friday? or is it just rebels, non uk f1's and f2s
  8. bit stupid that u cant buy 2 day ticket, so do you have to book the tickets for 2 day over phone
  9. yeah would be good for fans to get together...... is any one doing a party/bbq?
  10. Can't you get 3 day ticket or only 2 for wf As it says can only get Saturday and sunday ticket for 44 and we are going on the Friday
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