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  1. Steve Bentley

    Crazy cars.

    I seem to recall a brand new car turning up at Rochdale in the early 80s - it appeared to be half as big again as any other car - never saw it again. Think the driver may have been from the North East...possibly number 99 ???
  2. Hi Anybody know if Premier Sports intend to launch any incentives ahead of the new season to get BRISCA fans to subscribe ?
  3. Hi Just wondered if the "official" shoot out drivers had been announced...............................
  4. Jeremy & Sophie a huge thank you for going the extra mile ..................in calling every driver Lets hope that all committed drivers now deliver on their promises, that no "important engine parts" get lost in the post, that the weather is good and we have a cracking nights racing !! Roll on Saturday
  5. Lundy for Gold (via a semi win at Stoke) !
  6. I am sure I can remember going to Rochdale on one sunny afternoon (they always were back then !) and the rugby club had built some nice new "dug outs" at the side of the pitch / inside of the race track........they lasted all of one race before being demolished by a stock car leaving the track. No idea when and who the driver(s) were.
  7. Great night's racing and a worthy celebration of 60years at Coventry. First things first fantastic preparation of track and continued nurturing of track throughout the evening - every race hit the pace very early on and not too dusty either - driver of the day should be the track staff ! Formula ones were on it from the first lap of the first heat - superb racing through the grades and by our Dutch visitors as well Tractors were a nice "point of interest" and worthy of 5 minutes browsing time in the pits - I understand the five engine model attracted a lot of interest from Big John as a possible new shale car for next season ! 1300's for me were the disappointment and would much preferred to see more V8 races V8 world final - just the right amount of build up and a great race Overall well done Coventry on a slick well run true advert for our fabulous sport ! all the tens......................................... R/R.............. 10 Driver of the day - so many to choose from but on balance (just) ......No 10 same again next year Coventry p.s. think a little bit more could have been doen on Saturday to explain how the first race Sunday would play out - great idea by the way !
  8. Apologies - I know this is results thread, but.....if it is 2/3rds format today - why is 16 running in all 3 heats ?
  9. Great meeting with F1s superb For me did not need two support formula and the V8s just did not do it - lacked car numbers ? The 4 heats for F1s great but for me would have prepared a grand national rather than consolation Just small points which prevented a "10" so rating 9 Driver of the day - worthy of mention 29 captain chaos great drive in his first heat ( also taking 259 out in the final) and also 21 fresh out of the box ! But for me Frankie was in class of his own and so unlucky so DofD 515
  10. Nick Please see seperate email to you Here is the deal I am having a rough time at work lately - but your post makes me realise at least I have a steady job I cannot get to Coventry on Saturday night [ gutted !] - so I will pay for your other son to go in my place Contact me to arrange logistics Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. What ! You have a self fulfilling prophecy No grandstand.........................less spectators...........................loss making ! Nailed on weekend of racing - justy been deleted from the diary. Lets have the UEFA Champions League Final played at Accrington Stanley as well
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