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  1. No Cliff, I never raced at Mendips but 'Kiffy' borrowed our coach to take a group down to Bristol (and seized up the engine on the way home:( - you may have been one of the group?? 'Fraggleina' Brafied did have a cinder track in the very early days - must have been pre-the 1961 BBC clip.
  2. New Cross Speedway track (SE London) staged a Stock Car meeting in the very late '40's (1948/9?). A short show was put on during a normal, Friday night, speedway meeting. I cannot remember the name of the promoter but most of the drivers were American servicemen, many thousands still based in the UK after the War. About a dozen or so Servicemen, using their own garishly painted up cars which they had driven to the meeting, put on a spectacle that was almost unbelievable to my then young eyes. The servicemen could not take the cars back to the States, for reasons of liability for import/export duties etc.(but many did of course); they could not sell them quickly or easily after getting their repatriation back to the States Notices, so they drove them 'into the ground' whether on a track or not.
  3. No contest - Smiffy was the best!!!
  4. Ted Else

    Stuart Smith Snr

    Like all that have posted to this Forum - I was shocked and very saddened to here the terrible news. Stuart was, and will remain, an icon of the sport RIP Stuart and thank you for the moments of sheer pleasure that you gave to me and my family. My sincere condolences to the Smith family.
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