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  1. I thought it was a great night of racing, certainly very lively. How Sworder managed to win the final after spinning out twice was quite something. However, my DD goes to Mark Sargent for his great wins. DD - 326 Mark Sargent RR - 9
  2. Are you sure that's China? It looks more like the rolling fens of Kings Lynn
  3. What made you stop in 1969? Smithy winning the World? Bad english on my part. What it should say is I've not been watching stockcars since 1969, as I'm a relatively new fan that started watching in 2010.
  4. Dear Ken_E Your sentence brought tears to my eyes. Your ability to ignore the grammatical syntax of the English language is heart wrenching. Trying to make sense of your diatribe was painful and hard work. How can you expect to insult a whole family if they need to add in their own full stops, capitals and commas? Therefore, may I suggest that once your head is free from your Age Related Senility Episode you register yourself on an English Language course? I truly recommend a beginners course that covers how to start and end a sentence. That should get you up to speed with capital letters, constructing a meaningful sentence and full stops. For example, did you know that an effective sentence should be short and concise? It is also recommended that a sentence should be no more than 20 words long - yours, at 325 words, was a tad too long. Once that's accomplished move onto a course covering punctuation marks and their correct usage. That'll help you differentiate between a comma and an apostrophe and when to use them. I don't think any of this English language stuff should come as a shock to you, as - correct me if I'm wrong - written English was pretty much well established before 1969. Hopefully, by the time you've finished those courses you'll look back at the drivel you wrote and realise you had no idea what you were saying. Kind Regards Jason P.S. I've not been watching stockcars since 1969, but anyone with the 'Cojones' to sit behind a 500+hp V8 engine and race it around a short oval track has my respect.
  5. The reason was not enough cars to justify doing a W&Y race. Commentator was quite vocal in saying that some F1 drivers didn't bother cancelling their booking, so fewer arrived than expected.
  6. RR - 7 out of 10 DoD - 1 Tom was on form all evening & great to watch.
  7. Does anyone know the driver's list for Skegness? I've checked their website and there's nothing listed.
  8. According to the Trackstar racing website the 24th May is a WQR at King's Lynn (http://www.stockcar-racing.co.uk/info/fixture-list.ashx). But the BriSCA F1 site (http://f1stockcars.com/fixture-list/) is saying that it's not. Which is right? Cheers Jason
  9. I'm a Wainman / Hines fan, but I will also cheer on any low grader (especially white tops) who are in with a chance of beating a red top to the finishing line.
  10. D.O.D: 259 R/R: 6 Mini's certainly showing the F2's how to race and put in the bumper.
  11. Was that £300 per car? That's a lot of dosh. Hope you got a free burger with that! I'm looking forward to the WF, it's my first one. I'm 41, but feeling like a 5 year old leading up to xmas. C'mon Frankie!! C'mon Hines!!
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