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  1. Marcia

    Stuart Smith Snr

    What a shock to wake up and read such sad news this morning. Our thoughts are with Andy, Stuart and the Smith Family at this really sad time. Your dad was and will remain a legend, he entertained the crowds, love him or hate him, he always got a reaction - his legend lives on in you both Andy and Stuart and you could tell how proud he was of both of you. I loved watching him on gears and tears, and smiled at him 'plink plonking' on the piano - not what you would have expected from him at all. May your memories, and the love and support of family and friends, and all the fans from around the world help you through this difficult time. Celebrate Stu's life, he lived it to the full and certainly made his mark on the world - he will never be forgotten! R.I.P. - Super Stu Team 64
  2. Kev may be crazy but he's not mad enough to do the teams racing! (and sorry but if he did he'd be a Mustang! ) The Team did GB proud, they were a total unknown and their first race was highly anticipated, they put on a great show, and surprised a lot of people. To have a win on their second outing was a huge achievement, and even though they beat 'my team' I gave them a clap. Hope they enjoy themselves tonight. The Dutch guests we have staying with us, were virtually speechless after seeing the first race, even having seen clips on DVD they said it was nothing like seeing it in the flesh so to speak - you can't beleive that with only eight cars on track you just don't know where to look, theres so much action going on all the time, and its not just crash and bash the teams do plan and have managers helping they with tactics. The whole of Palmerston, camp sites, motels, hotels & B & B's are totally booked out, they shut off part of the centre of town yesterday for all the teams to bring in the cars for scruninteering, the whole build up and atmosphere is amazing.
  3. But.................... will it be on a one way ticket Sharon? A little bird told me Mick had pinched the property pages from the recycling pile at Clive and Lindas, and another not so little 'male bird' told me someone had been browsing properties online!!! Would be great to see you all here next year!
  4. Does that menu include PROPER ENGLISH CADBURYS?????
  5. Not heard anything yet about who will be racing on Saturday out of the Brits. Will let you know who raced and how they did Sun (if nobody else posts the info first! - no point duplicating posts!
  6. he has been asked to join the Mustangs........................................... - but declined the invitation!
  7. Next weekend there is a round of the Placemakers challenge in Stratford, there should be a decent turn out of superstocks for it, and I believe the Uk drivers are trying to use the meeting as another opportunity to gain track time, all depending on car availabilty of course.
  8. Frankie got spun out a few times - lots of bad luck - Frankie jumped out of his car and ran towards the burning car and was helping the driver of the car - most people would run away from a fire - pretty scary situation. Mark Taylor unfortunately had gearbox problems. Dan Johnson was flying, handling the car really well. Tom Harris having a few problems with the car cutting out, but was certainly making it go well. Stu smith in there with them, up to speed and won the last race. Not sure if you've heard the draw for the teams it was done live on Tv - the Lions, the panthers and the Mustangs are all in the same group!
  9. LOL This is brilliant - you ought to have gone to the biscuit companies for a bit of free sponsership - trying to get boxes of biscuits for the driver to give out!! Love the fact that Stu Smith has been given chocolate variety of 'the hard biscuit' (see Peter Kay live for an explanation!!!!) And who decided to make Paul Hines 'one dip'?????? Hope you all enjoy the racing - I actually logged on here to check the results - derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr keep forgetting the time difference will have to get out of bed early Sunday morning to check!
  10. Just been told about Stu's crash (thanks Tom! ) Hope everyones Ok - sounds like a mega damage meeting! Someone tell Stu its much easier to fly in a plane! Hope everyones Ok! off to look at the pics and vids now!
  11. If you like to see action - well you certainly will in the teams racing - unbelievable!!!!!!!!!! Even Kev says its rough!!!!! One thing about the racing over here that does take a lot of getting used to is that there is a certain amount of 'teams' racing at any event, for example, if the Rotorua guys are winning the Palmy guys gang up on them. So you see stuff going on at the big championships, where lots of members from different clubs come together, that you wouldn't see in the uk - it isn't always 'everyman man for himself' the clubs do tend to help their own club members out. I still can't get used to the fact that anyone can take anyone else out at anytime, even if they are a lap or more down, seems unsporting compared to what we've been used to racing with Brisca in the uk - but when in Rome........................... or in our case New Zealand!!
  12. Sorry to hear about your accident Des, hopefully someone will be printing off all these get well messages to boost your spirits. Get well soon From the Kev smith 64 (now P) Team In NZ
  13. Marcia

    tom harris

    Just catching up with whats happening on the other side of the world and read this! Get well soon Tom, you sit back and relax for once and give Mick some orders for washing off, stripping down or straightening the car!!!!!!!! Seriously hope you're fighting fit again soon - but don't rush back to it, your health is more important!
  14. Marcia

    NZ stock car pics

    ITS awesome - the Silver Bullet!!!!!!!!! And one HUGE thing in its favour is it doesn't have a FORD 'Y' body - they are soooooooooooo ugly Shane was flying at Palmy this weekend, cleaned up winning all 4 races - but have to just add that in one race Kev had the 2nd fastest lap time behind Shane and that was with him still having a few set up problems on the car!!
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