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  1. Good luck Stu Smith Jnr. Stick the bumper in!
  2. Absolutely fantastic post. Thanks for showing all those memorable Smithy cars. I think I saw every one of them race. Not sure about the very first one. But I think I must have seen it as my first meeting was in 1964 at Belle Vue. My favourite was the Wildcat. I used to draw it over and over again - in a Keith Barber style!
  3. Mike C

    EYEWTK - Aerofoils.

    Just try running down the road into the wind with a large sheet of aluminium and then decide if wings work.
  4. Mike C

    Stuart Smith Snr

    R.I.P. Stuart Smith - the greatest stockcar driver to ever grace the oval track.
  5. Does anyone remember the F1 driver who was sponsored by Swarfega?
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