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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I might just try Northampton out next week. I will remember the seats.
  2. As a kid I went to Brisca F1 almost every weekend, travelling the length of the country. Great memories of family day's out to Aycliffe and Hartlepool on a Sunday and Belle Vue, White City etc. I have never seen Frankie Wainman Junior race but was at the party after his dad won the title in 1979 so I am showing my age. On the downside I was in the same stand for a tragedy in Bradford in the late 70s, remember when Willie Harrison broke his leg in the pits when about to win the grand prix series (I think it was called) - a select bunch of memories. I was hoping to take the kids to a meet and have the chance to go to Northampton in a couple of weeks. Does anybody have any advice? How much are tickets? Will the kids be able to move around, go to the pits etc? How many cars are likely to be there and do we need to arrive early? I am sure things have changed in 30 years.
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