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  1. All marshals at all ORCi tracks have been trained. All marshals at the track I'm starter at have radios. At our unlimited banger meetings. if the Marshall has a car roll over or gets the thumbs down he waves the red flag. There is a fine line between getting it right and getting it wrong. Don't forget most laps only last about 13 seconds. So not much time to make a very important call.
  2. Heay Chap agree with that statement.Mind it's not his fault being graded a White top.In F2 they are graded yellow if they come from another formular. As to people leaving just to get out does make me chuckle.We stayed to the chequer flag That was 5pm.We strolled out steady and got on the A158 by 5.15pm no probs.Mind the 5 1/2hour drive home wasn't fun but heay thats racing.
  3. Mr Starter

    Yellow flags

    Hi chaps don't post much lately, but for this I will partake in this topic. Firstly I was stood on the scoreboard bend at King's Lynn.Both incidents, the Marshall correctly saw the drivers give thumbs down.He acted correctly and put the open flag above his head.As he didn't have a radio he couldn't alert ANYONE.The clerk in the middle was looking at other crashes so this was missed.It wasn't the Marshalls fault. Marshalls are a dieing breed.Please don't shout at them.Shout at the Guys in the Tower, not the footsoilders Must say this bit does make me laugh a little. an inexperienced marshal, the marshal to indicate to the clerk of the course on the infield and the steward in the box that he is concerned and they, as experienced officials, Dave all the Marshalls are experienced.Don't think they would like to be called inexperienced.The guys at Kings Lynn looked old enough to be your DAD
  4. Don't think Bristol will be having F1's in the near future.
  5. Hi chaps don't post on here much Must say we really enjoyed having the F1's at Bristol. The thundering noise as they go past is awesome. I can ask Graham if there's any news,but I know from what has been said earlier in the year, I don't hold out much hope All I will say is politics.
  6. Yes things have been overshadowed by what happened after the meeting finished last weekend. All I will say about starting a big race is you need to talk to the front three or fours rows to make sure you have a fair start. Last weekend I made sure the drivers knew when the flag was going to be dropped.Exit of turn four.Why muck about with three or four rolling laps.F1's don't like rolling around for ever they start choking and spluttering. I see your point about pole sitter starting the race.If you work together then you shoudn't have all this chat about starts. Who started the World Final.
  7. Mr Starter

    black flag

    Hi chap things down here are good.Wish the F1's were back this season, but we all know that's not going to happen.Anyway there's always next year.Have heard it might be later in the year.Hope not to late!!!! Back to the black flag and who the drivers watch. Personaly if there are people in the middle waving different flags other than Yellow and Red it can get a bit confussing.Let's be honest the drivers have only one pair of eyes and they need then just to see where they are going The clerk of the course and the steward and the starter WORK together.As it says it in the rule book. Clerk see's a problem tells the Steward who then instructs the Starter what needs doing.You have a chain off comand it's as simply as that. Must add the drivers don't think the Starter is in controll.They think they are
  8. Mr Starter

    black flag

    Keep up the good work Big N.Your not too far off. Sometimes the steward might not see a problem.That's why there's a Clerk,Starter and half a dozen marshalls.
  9. Mr Starter

    Bristol ?

    All I can say is he was on my list for the grid.I with the Bscda Offical to set the grid out on track. I think he was on track because someone wasn't doing the Final because of damage.So a reserve was used. If you come on as a reserve in a Final you don't score any points. Correct me if I'm wrong just trying to help.If I've got it wrong please feel free to correct me
  10. Mr Starter

    Bristol ?

    Didn't think holding the gate open would cause a post on here
  11. Mr Starter

    Bristol ?

    Thanks for that.Seeing as no one had commented on my post I thought it was invisible
  12. Mr Starter

    Bristol ?

    515 came on track saw he had a problem and asked the Clerk of the course if he could go off.The Clerk of the course told him he had five minutes to get back on track. He did this and if I remember he wasn't the last on the track.Also as we only have the F1's once a year and the drivers had travelled many miles we would of held the gate longer for any driver!!!!!!! we want as many on track as possible Over the last few days we have been reading all your nice comments on here and Allstox. Also Graham has recieved many E'mails saying how well the day went and how you all are looking forward to racing at Mendips again.
  13. AWESOME Nice to meet a few members of Stoxnet.Did anyone see me fall over in one of the Buses in one of the Parade laps Wish we could have another meeting this year
  14. Thanks for that Mark.Haven't been through there for a while.Just keep hearing all the trouble on the radio as I whizz up and down the M5 everyday You going tonight.
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