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  1. It has been confirmed on Facebook. Will be racing Saturday at Racewall Cowdenbeath on Saturday 28th June and Lochgelly on Sunday 29th June. Only disappointing thing is no Knockhill fixture as they were always epic round there!
  2. Ooooft! Well I would like to defend Mr Faceless on Facebook - who happens to be my lovely boyfriend! He is not 'faceless', and has a visable profile picture on said Facebook!! A little bit of criticism is what we all do (as spectators) in this sport, regardless of whether we have raced or not, yes? I bet there is not one of us who hasn't passed comment on a drivers ability!! So lets not get our knickers in a twist over this eh? Both Darren and I will come over and say hi Nige at the next meeting we are at and hopefully this won't get turned into some witch hunt like everything does on here!! Lay down your pitch forks lads!! Lol
  3. Heather C

    New 515 tar car

    Wow! Car looks amazing! Gutted I'm no there to see it in the flesh..
  4. This is something which currently happens from Cowdenbeath Racewall to the F2 WF and is always very popular..am surprised they don't do it for different events such as major F1 meetings..
  5. Well I suppose it goes without saying (but I'm gonna!) that travelling from central Scotland is always expensive! I've been lucky in that I have been able to car-share but for many reasons this option is increasingly on a shaky peg so I will definitely be doing less travelling and be more likely to pick meetings at the closer tracks. In theory car-sharing is the solution however it's not as simple as jumping in a car with any Tom, Dick or Harry..especially when you are female, like myself! P erhaps I will win the EuroMillions and be able to do a whole seasons travelling before the money runs out!
  6. Can I ask why it is such bad taste that it has been shared with many on Youtube and Facebook (apart from the fact that it was a Smith website exclusive)? I would have thought the fact that it is being shared in the World at large is a testament to the man himself? This is the trouble with things on the intenet such as videos..it's hard to control them once they are in the public domain...
  7. Good afternoon lovely Stoxnet people! I haven't been on here for a while, but couldn't resist commenting on this cracker of a thread! I have been lucky enough to be involved in F(1).O.S.A and I feel it is my responsibility to explain what it is..and more importantly..what it isn't.. It is... ...a forward-moving group ...first and foremost a social group, get to know others so you don't have to stand on your own at meetings..that person next to you could be a member? ...based on all BriSCA formula ...driven by it's members, in all aspects of it's existence It is not... ...somewhere to reminisce about the good ole days. While this has it's place (Stoxnet?), the group is focused predominately on looking to the future of our sport ...always on topic. Our Facebook page is for members to chat, get to know eachother AND to convey relevant information. There is no censorship in play on our Facebook page, as the discussion topics are driven by it's members ...An F1 only club. There is a big world outside F1's folks (F2's,V8's and inistox to name but a few..)..take a look..you might like it? I would also like to add that we do not take ourselves too seriously..at the end of the day Stock Cars is a hobby to most of us..and as such it should be enjoyable! While we hope in the future to be able to contribute to steering our sport in a positive direction, we are very much in our infancy and building a nice friendly community is important to us in the first instance! This is my interpretation of the group. If any of you good folks fancy getting involved or have any more questions, feel free to get in touch and I will happily answer them! Off to crawl back under my rock!
  8. Heather C

    Olympic Stadium

    Finally!!! Someone thinking the exact same thing as me! Take a look at the front page of the forums and it is littered with nostalgia! Now while I am not saying we should forget where we have come from, it is to our own detriment that we are living in days gone by.. Yes discussions such as these may be pie in the sky but without some radical thinking our sport is gonna fade out pretty quickly..that is the harsh reality.. Rant 1 of 2011...done! Well said Tim!!
  9. Heather C

    Dave Polley

    Just to add..wouldn't want to see Gordon Moodie in F1's yet...it's bad enough that the F1's cant be bothered to come up to Scotland..would be made worse if we lost Moodie to the (mainly) English formula too. Rant over.
  10. Yes I've always thought an FAQ 'sticky' would be a good idea on here for folks like me who are too scared to ask daft questions!! Haha
  11. Could someone pass the sick bucket please?!!
  12. I hear rumours that the guys racing are told who will win each race and that they should race accordingly...any truth do you reckon?! It certainly looked like they were giving it 100%! Loved the show and was moved by the SSS tribute
  13. Hmmm not sure I would 100% agree..stoxnet is of course, on the whole, very friendly..however there is a lot of censorship I feel at times which always makes me feel a bit uneasy about posting/replying/giving my opinion.. That is all
  14. I think this would be a very fitting tribute however I have my reservations about roof colours..perhaps a trophy alone would be best.
  15. Well feel free not to contribute
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