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    been a brisca fan since 68
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    travelled the country with Darkie Wright and Mel Bassey during early seventies (southern softies) now see about 10 meetings a year (still southern softie).
  1. Hi Stu, Mel is now retired, I haven't actually seen him for years. Have had some contact on Facebook. Darkie sadly passed away in 1999 I think. The Melvyn car you painted was previously built and raced by Frankie Wooster (338). Was sign writing your line of business?
  2. Hi Stu, Halls & Ralls remember it well the cars looked amazing. Loved the old English type on Mels car. Great memories of 1974. Shame about the split.
  3. On Tuesday 23rd February the topic for BBC Radio London with Robert Elms was motor sport in London. I took the opportunity to get Brisca mentioned on the capitals airwaves. Listen from 14:25 - 18:24 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03j18qk
  4. Ray C

    sad news

    This is my first time on stoxnet, I remember Dennis, cars always immaculate. My thoughts are with his family at such a sad time. Look forward to participating on happier subjects RIP Dennis.
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