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  1. Don't dispair jeremy some of use are pushing in the same direction get through that red tape .my glass is 3/4 full but others keep spilling there's if you want something strong enough it WILL HAPPEN
  2. Well that was some different w/f firstly a get well to all that got injured throughout the night poor Dylan shattered knee in 6 places very painful, driver of the night Danny wainman for supporting Dylan in his hour of need. Yes the wainmans are ambassadors to are sport thay have a wealth of knowledge trained by Frank senior, on all aspects of the sport and you can be sure that one of them will be on hand to give some sound advice on the problem. Allso see Tony smith out there another family you can rely on. Congratulations to rob speak on his win a little over shattered by events. A big well done to all drivers ,track staff, medical staff , and promoter's involved
  3. Sorry to say yet again people who have moved in to new housing near to the Ipswich track are all really on the war path on noise and road disruption . poor things thay live a sad mundane existence , and as Ipswich is expanding out that way maybe a battle. They look at all of us as a minority , Support all tracks will while we can please and leave the stadium at night quietly without blowing lorry air horns As this is giving them ammunition please
  4. I have most of them some 2 of the same had lots of wear but still as good as new thanks sarah
  5. it is all so annoying to most marshals that we only put out yellow flags when the drivers give use the thumbs down,and I allso show them this back to confirm unless thay are unconscious all of this you may not see from the point you are standing.so it is down to the drivers call
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