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  1. D.O.T.D #1 Andy Smith Enjoyed the meeting very quick turn around home by 10 o'clcock. R.R 7/10
  2. dotd h247 Gary Castell for winning the cup rr 8 Well done to all at team barrlo.
  3. dotd H22,Louw Wobbes r.r 7 Wish we had a track like this in the UK.
  4. DOTD 51 R/R 7/10 Sorry but I missed the whole Dutch element this euro the atmosphere was missing for me all weekend.
  5. DOTD 51 RR 6/10 Racing didn't come alive till final and GN
  6. Hazel D

    dvd BBC show

    Thanks for the information Chris. This is very misleading as the DVD sound's like the BBC show I will wait to see whats despatch come MARCH
  7. Hazel D

    dvd BBC show

    I have just found the DVD of the BBC show due on our screens in 2010 this on play.com £12.99." blood sweat and gears" release date 01.03.2010 I have copied and pasted the write up on the DVD it sound's like its the one we have been waiting for. This is NOT the BBC Show about F1 Stock Car Racing. It's one of the most exciting sports on the planet - stock car racing - a world where brick layers and tyre fitters can be world champions. Where racing dynasties fight fiery gladiatorial dramas in thundering home-built chariots, intent not just on winning, but on destroying the opposition¿s cars. This six part documentary series follows the Smiths and the Wainmans - two rival clans who have dominated the championships for nearly 40 years as they enter the 09/10 racing season. Now the 2nd and 3rd generations are entering the fray to carry forward their forefather's reputations and glory, but with a new influx of contenders, including several women, will either dynasty retain the championship in these real-life wacky races? Death or glory, whichever comes first!
  8. Frankie great win in the final every one could see what was coming for the last bend from ssj. DOTD 515 R/R 7/10
  9. Thanks Steve will pencil in the date and keep my fingers crossed its on. The brother in law went over in Sept said track very fast and facilities excellent.
  10. Anyone now the dates if Venray gets the green light for the gold cup for 2010 need to book the time off work. Any information would be great thank you
  11. A heat win and then the masters has to be Tom Harris DOTD 84 RR 7/10
  12. Hazel D

    Venray back on

    Just heard from a Dutch friend that Venray back on and will be 26th 27th September any one else heard this news?
  13. R/R 7/10 Fast racing and lots to look at around the track most races. DOTD 84 Tom Harris for taking the final win in great style.
  14. Hazel D


    No I am not that Hazel who runs the racing at Skegness. I have followed short circuit racing for many years be it bangers,F2,F1. I have travelled over to Venray many times with the F2 crew supporting 782 Stuart Rolph and we all went to Belgium last year not the same as Venray. We are still keeping our fingers crossed that Venray will be on this year. My only regret with the dutch racing scene is that I never went to the long track oh how I kick my self for not going. My partner Paul tells me all about the long track and the speed the F1's used to go round.I saw the long track because we stay in Barrlo B&B and have stayed at the camp site as well. We drink with team Barrlo who now of course have Gary Castell H247 as the team Barrlo driver but we have known Patrick Peeters for years who used to drive H2 for the team.
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