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  1. Already said on page 11. Bert Schaap SNR H525 And Son's Bert Schaap JNR H525 and Dave Schaap H007 Dave his son Wesley H77 Is also racing but not F1 but something like saloons Bert his daughter Vanity H52 is racing but she is neither racing f1, She is racing something like stockrods.
  2. This is Maybe intresting for the 1 who's is goming over. This are the date's on Lelystad Which is a 440m tarmac track, there are also racing f1 and f2 and some others contact and non contact formula's. The Track is about 1 and half hour driving from emmen in the good direction too england NOV Lelystad 2008 16 mrt. 13.00 20 apr. 13.00 18 mei 13.00 15 juni 13.00 20 juli 13.00 23/24 aug. 13.00 21 sept. 13.00 18/19 okt. Open NK Stockcar F1/F2 12.00 9 nov. Finales NOV Kampioenschap 12.00
  3. its indeed a nice transporter the only thing i dont like about there is only 1 car in it.
  4. New Update * PICTURES Lelystad and Blauwhuis * RESULTS Lelystad and Blauwhuis www.teamtersteeg.nl
  5. New Update. * PICTURES Hallum * RESULTS Hallum www.teamtersteeg.nl
  6. New Update. * PICTURES VENRAY * RESULTS VENRAY www.teamtersteeg.nl
  7. New Update. * Old Pictures from f2 driver Cor Schutter H29 www.teamtersteeg.nl
  8. Team Tersteeg is having there own website now about there racing in cloggieland. www.teamtersteeg.nl
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