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  1. Who do I write to for a refund for the racing I haven't seen today!!
  2. Making part of a three week holiday (the only way my missus would agree to going) so only going to the team champs at Palmy. Local hotel very reasonable at less than £50 a night, need to book very early, mine was booked in March and it was one of the few left available. Flights not cheapest you can do it for, need some luxury for the missus! Tickets for the meeting just over £100 with grandstand seats for the two nights.
  3. Already booked flights, hotel and tickets to see the team championship at Palmerston! Looking forward to it.
  4. Donation just sent, as others have said well worth it for the results thread alone!
  5. staggy266

    Sad news

    Raced with Roy in the 80's, condolences to the family.
  6. In Spain for most of January then off to Florida in February for the Speedweeks
  7. staggy266

    Racing Brothers

    The "Team" consisted of three brothers plus two, Chris Rogers 261, John Rogers 269, Barry Rogers 270, Geoff Stagg 266 andd Mark Carrington 271
  8. staggy266

    Dan Clarke

    This feature was in tonights local paper Newspaper Article
  9. Result 211,226,80,446,324,304,58,212,46,81
  10. 266 Gordon Perrin, Geoff Stagg and Saul Hocking
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