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    Haverigg, Cumbria.
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    watched f1 since 1975<br>raced hotstox from 1988 to 1991
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    Ex hotstox driver,watched f1 from 1975.
  1. Baldrick


    Moon tube 131 Pete Hodgson.
  2. Keith Chambers won world in 1995
  3. Baldrick

    Old Pic

    Looks like a standard vanguard.
  4. Steve Locke Thanks Nigel
  5. R.I.P. Phil Haigh true racer sadly missed. Used to race hotstox when phil raced them great bloke.
  6. This is how close at rochdale
  7. Iain Stirk 464 /65 raced at Rochdale
  8. The 252 car is an old hotstox raced late 80s,i have some photos of it racing at Long Eaton.
  9. Martin V 8 132 put some photos in the gallery for me,i saw some of them for sale on e bay.I contacted seller to remove them,he is a member of this forum
  10. Baldrick

    Mick Noden 306

    R.I.P. Mick condolences to all the Noden family.
  11. Baldrick

    199 Mike Close

    Well done Paul and Robert car looks great you must have had a hell of a busy week.
  12. Baldrick

    199 Mike Close

    Paul Heath V8 driver 77 from barnolswick has the close car from 1981 in his garage restoring it he hoped to have it readdy for this weekend when i saw it last friday Paul still had a lot of work still to do.
  13. Well done Stuart at least it was a smith win
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