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  1. My memory is very hazy these days but did'nt George Braithwaite (#??) make the leap from white to red/superstar in the early 80's using John Lunds spare car?? I can recall seeing him as a white top at an early season long Eaton meeting, then up as a red at the first grading period. Stand corrected if i'm wrong
  2. TO RUDDY LATE NOW!!!!!!
  3. For me as a spectator its all of the above plus, accessabillity to the pits/cars and drivers, plus the total alround viewing of the action out on the track As a driver (all be it in an F2, but i have lobbed an F1 round a couple of times) again all of the above plus the total adrenalin rush as you come out of the bend open it back up and hurtle it back down the straight
  4. The Welsh Dragon............ Glyn Pursey #175 plus one of the nicest guys ever to grace the raceways........ Danny Clarke #203
  5. Is that so you can bless the land? or blind faith that it will become a stockcar track I'll get me coat!!!!!!!
  6. For me it would have to be;- The old Belle vue - pure magic Blackburn road Leicester - wide bends narrow straights, action action action, plus just down the road from where i grew up and in my pre-teen days;- Nutts Lane Hinckley , before i found the mecca that is Brisca stockcar racing, spent many a weekend sneaking through a hole in the fence we made to watch the old 'Nuneaton Nutters' banger team race there, O happy days
  7. Sorry i'm going have to disagree with that, i'm sure there will be many more but two past drivers from the past that spring to mind that never raced as juniors but made it big in F1 showing natural talent without prior experience are;- Dave Mellor 304 & Rob Pearce 481/175 I'm totally biased with both drivers as i was a massive fan of both back in the 80's but natural talent was so obvious everytime they were both out there..........pure class
  8. Hi Matt, New paint job for your remote control 'Tonka Toy' on its way ????
  9. I paid for my 17 year old daughter to go out on her birthday with Neil last year, the big beaming smile and numorous WOW's after he had threw it all over the track ment that it was well worth the money. £50 spent on a birthday or xmas present for a stockcar mad youngster is well worth it just to see their face afterwards. Another experience to try is the INCARACE F2's down at nothampton, i tried that and look what happened So as Mike as aready mentioned, 'be warned it DOES lead to other things
  10. I've got to second that
  11. The word on the 'street' as of yesterday from a reliable source, was it will be available at the Coventry meeting 1st Nov. But it would be better if the people who are making it could confirm that fact
  13. LECATT 909

    world final

    Like i said 'hearsay' that would explain the statement that went along with it then, all those years ago when i was a very young impressionable mechanic . "Dave Chisholm won it from in front of Smithy, then from along side him then from behind him", i was of the belief that 'behind' him was from the back not the next row. Every day is just one big lesson There proberly is but, is there any footage of the 3 world Finals that Chisholm won? i have never seen him race either live of on the 'flicking thing in the corner of our living room'
  14. LECATT 909

    world final

    I'm going on hearsay here as it was well before my time but;- Was'nt one of Chisholms Three world titles from the back of the grid in 75?
  15. Here is the link to the BBC weather pages on the tintinet for Coventry, wet but thats about it. I've never known Cov to cancel in 30 years, and i've been there in some pretty poor conditions http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/5day.shtml?id=1564
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