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  1. My first visit to kings Lynn this season and thought it was excellent. The battle with 390 & 84 was brilliant to watch and sure to be escalated in the next grounds RR 8 - DOD 268
  2. howie


    I rang orwell truck stop a couple of weeks ago and asked,was told that under new ownership since and not available for camping.
  3. howie

    wf camping

    At the last Ipswich world final we managed to camp at Orwell truck stop. Only about 10 minutes from track, I'm hoping to do the same this time but haven't checked yet
  4. i have never seen a driver as proud to wear the gold roof as when stuart won it as world champ how many meetings did stuart attend?
  5. no harm done guys point taken
  6. many thanks for the results guys it really is appreciated as it was one of my posts that got deleted I apologize for that, I should have started my own thread I was at northampton yesterday so when I look at the results I see other members have posted on the thread but seem to be ok is this not double standards
  7. cant really add more to that to be honest RR 9 DOD 55
  8. But what was Andy doing putting the boot in during the final????????? when exactly did andy put the boot in during the final??????
  9. top marks to all involved John you'll have to show me how to put that wing on
  10. a good meeting plenty of action and good races great to see young frankie enjoy is roll DOD 446 RR 7/10
  11. cheers binns smithy and big dave round Belle Vue priceless
  12. howie

    Stuart Smith Snr

    shocking news thoughts with the smith family at this sad time my hero, the reason why i love stock cars R.I.P Stuart the 1 and only
  13. the best meeting i've witnessed this year. some real aggressive racing in the heats resulting in a unpredictable final grid. the final itself was a masterclass from Paul Hines being very decisive and forcefull in the opening laps to get to the front and controlled the race from there for a very popular win.well done. DOD 259 RR 10/10
  14. 15 mins drive to Belle Vue but what can you do. these things happen now and again, can't be helped. i bet Dan Johnson is happy though with 3 N/S rounds now at coventry how many finals at cov has he won this year?
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