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  1. click on you tube link below for the last bend hit by 391 on long time leader 484.
  2. he could just take 515`s chequered wing and change the no to 391!!!! well done to 391, watch 515 go from red!!!!!!!
  3. hard wired transponder for sale. brand new. £120 pm for more details or if interested.
  4. thanks to everyone for comments and results. im new to this forum but after tonight id say it has a lot of good stock car fans. roll on northampton tomorrow
  5. almost as exciting as being there. what happened to 391?
  6. is the race finished yet? darn server
  7. whats the record? whats the order on grid at the mo?
  8. wish i was there, mind you the excitement and anticiaption on here is great!!
  9. any idea where 391 and 515 have grided for the big one?
  10. ev426

    So Who's Gonna Win?

    top three 515-391-390
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