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    Stock cars<br />Beer drinking<br />Rfactor F1<br /><br />Oh and online racing to (www.ukdirt.co.uk) (www.sim-stox.co.uk)
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    Run Walkerstox pics website
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    Stockcar fan for 11 years.
  1. I liked/like this F1 H007 Dave Schaap had a few years ago - Picture taking by MSF Stoxpics
  2. Well that's it from Jane today big thanks to her for sending results as she says it very cold now and she away to leave now. Here is a results summary F1: Heat 1: 37-484-259-4-H007-22-H399-464-515-41 Heat 2: 385-H247-1-153-462-172-16-12-H6-11 Heat 3: 385-259-16-37-H217-H399-295-464-4-12 Heat 4: 484-498-97-1-41-515-22-H007-2-390 Consolation: 2-214-217-212-170-105-91-398-252-172 UK Open: 385-84-1-484-2-16-390-97-H247-12
  3. Full UK Open result UK Open: 385-84-1-484-2-16-390-97-H247-12
  4. And the F1 UK open result is 385-84-1
  5. More news from the F1 UK open and 217 is out
  6. F1 UK open news Waved yellows with 4 laps to go 385 leading
  7. News from Skegness is the sun is out!
  8. The F1 UK open is up next and the grid is graded order
  9. F1 news 429 failed weigh in after the consolation so 172 is 10th and 212 makes the back of the grid for the UK open
  10. F1 consolation result 429-2-214-217-212-170-105-91-398-252 Top 4 go through to the final to back of the grid
  11. F1 consolation next cars include 217-2-73-83-212-91
  13. F1 heat 3 result 385-259-16-37-H217-H399-295-464-4-12 F1 heat 4 result 484-498-97-1-41-515-22-H007-2-390
  14. F1 heat 3 up next including 16-85-259-91-464-12-153
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