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  1. Bernard Rogers (f1 62) Mick Rogers (f1 244) + James Rogers (f2 544)
  2. Mick 244, asked me to post a BIG THANK YOU!! message to you all at stoxnet !!!! The money is appreciated and will help out with the closed season overhaul !!
  3. Im sure if you have a word with mick 244 he will have a picture taken with you.I will mention it to him. He will be at coventry saturday night!
  4. Can anyone remember Mick Rogers's rollover at Rochdale ??? Im not sure of the year but I no it was a good few years ago.
  5. News on mick rogers Just to let you all no, it was the propshaft on micks car not the coach !!! He floored it up the road just before loading up and there was a loud bang and the end of new prop !!!! (no spare prop 2 atm)
  6. D P R

    Sam Lund

    such a loss R I P Sam Lund. from all of the 244 team.
  7. D P R

    Grimley Raceway

    By the way, I haven't been for a while so it might of improved !!!!
  8. D P R

    Grimley Raceway

    Its a Tip! Mick started racing there when he was 14, james started racing there when he was 13 . Its a good starting place but as soon as you get up to speed , time to move on ! but then again mick did race there last year!! in a 2L Carlton Banger!
  9. Nah just from the back of the whites!!! he was leading heat 1 till he spun out on the last corner then got hit in the drivers door !!! hit so hard it broke all the engine mountings and broke the fuel pipe! still managed to wind it over on the starter to get 5th!
  10. Just thought i would let you all no james rogers 244 won the grand national aswel !!!! Chip off the old block !
  11. any news on how mick rogers is getting on ???
  12. How bad was the start in the GN??? FWJ almost overtaken before he even got his engine restarted !!! I've never seen 1 as bad as that !!!!
  13. D P R

    Ot: Sprint Car Flip

    The sprint cars really are fast , i haven't been 2 watch myself but both of my brothers have and they were very very impressed !!! on the faster tracks they dont even ease off in the corners !!! Bro went to the knoxville nationals this year !!
  14. D P R

    Father And Son

    Does mick 244 in f1 and james 244 in ministox count ??? BTW James won his first race last night at birmingham , he still hasn't stopped grinning !!!!!
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