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    Long time F1 fan now having a go at F2 and loving every minute. Engineering background helps!!!!
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  1. Last night was amazing again. Congratulations to Craig. I would like to thank Jeremy Heaver and everyone at Coventry Stadium for kindly letting me have a collection for Motor Neurones Disease. My mum passed away last May from this dreadful disease after being diagnosed for just over 5 months. She couldnt speak or swallow, it was awful to see her go down so rapidly. I would also like to thank everyone who help with the collection Also Anne Elizabeth Dancers, they were great. Thanks to Paul Hines for being such a great bloke, he as made some new fans in the dancers they all think he is great. A big thankyou to all the drivers and everyone of you that kindly donated money. We collected £1057.83 Plus £96.00 for Pauls back panel. So once again Thankyou so much............... Liz King................
  2. This back panel is not on ebay, just put your bids on here, and the highest bid wins
  3. Please have a look at the FOR SALE and WANTED section. 259 Shale rear panel for auction.All raised will be going to MNDA Charity................
  4. Received the first bid on the back panel.Bidding now stands at £75.00 We will run the bidding upto Sunday at 10pm.
  5. Paul has kindly given me his shale back panel to raise money for Motor Neurones Disease. I asked the following drivers at Coventry on saturday 2nd of June 2012 if they would sign it for me. Paul Hines, Paul Harrison, Tom Harris, Dan Johnson, Michael Scriven, Murray & Ryan Harrison,Mick Sworder, Craig Finnikin, Matt Newson, John Lund, James &Ed Neachell, Luke Davidson, Frankie Snr, Frankie Jnr & Danny Wainman. Offers Please. Thanks Liz King.....
  6. All sold. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  7. 4 off Valvoline VR1 20/50 5 Litre for sale..........£22.50 Each or all 4 for £80.00 Can take to Skeggy on Good Friday or Coventry the following day. Phone Chris King on 0784 110 4133.
  8. Chris King. If I win,my brother,Nick can have it to auction off. Cheers Nige. All the best for 2012
  9. Many thanks Nick and Deanna.Its Chris here (your brother). Liz and myself would just like to say a BIG BIG thanks to you,the keeping a breast team and all the staff at Kings Lynn for a magical day.Nick and Deanna have worked so hard to get this meeting sponsored and to turn the Norfolk Arena pink for the day. The drivers reaction to receiving tyres and extra money was great. They DO appriciate what fans can do.I do hope he wont mind me saying this but "our nige", no.45 donated his start money to the fund.Top Man, and my misses got Rubbers trophy from the final.(she did snog his face off...tart!!!!!). Once again...A MASSIVE THANKS.
  10. Just ordered two paddock pass tickets which should be £37.00 each + £2 booking fee and payed £53.32 Used code AD5 and booked on line. Said when booking that you must order 3 and pay for 2 but i entered 2 and looks like thats what i will get.Have recieved comformation e-mail so looks like we are good to go.....
  11. 33 will be helping his mate young mr Johnson so should be a good first few laps. Remember 33 has done it all before so in my opinion isnt to fussed as to where he finishes. Dont care who wins as long as it is a Champion who we will see week in week out.
  12. Has to be TURTLE TIMMY 467. Brilliant G.N. drive..............Did any one else watch him. REMEMBER....what goes around comes around......
  13. My Wife Liz has for sale her hand crafted Stockcards of F1, F2 & Mini-stox. These cards are decoupaged (3-d).. Liz can personalise them of your favourite driver in to Birthday,Christmas, wedding or just a thank-you card. Each card are £3.00 each plus £1.00 p & p. Please contact Liz with your requirements. Tel. 07964 768088 or 0116 2215022. (her cards have been on sale off the back of our trailer at a few meetings this year so you might have viewed them for yourselve). Many thanks for reading this.
  14. No problems Nick. See you at ipswich.
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