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  1. A1 NOS

    Dave Leonard

    Couldn't quite believe the news when I heard it. Totally shocked that someone so young and decent is no longer with us. First met BB in the halsion days of the 391v515 wars. Suspect he was firmly in the FWJ camp and I was in the 391 camp. Allstox was rocking and me and J4 littered it with all sorts of guff. Always felt BB and Beefy were our arch enemies. BB was always quick with a response normally followed by Beefy. The old, "one-two". Eventually met him on the back straights at Cov ( when they used to be rammed) and mutual respect was there. The ice was broke and we never looked back. From then on we'd always chat. He's occasionally drop hints for the U25's and somehow I always got roped into the WF raffle. Occasionally felt I was being stitched up getting outside row 47 but things balance out and I think I had 318 or 150 one year so believe it all worked out. For the past 4-5 years we had this strange arrangement where I'd get him 2 programmes from Venray each year. We might not see each other all year but it was an arrangement that stayed true. It was lovely to see Dave and Debs together. I don't think I'll ever meet two people who were so meant to be together. They kind of rubbed off each other in a marvellous way. He always told me how amazing she was and how he was so lucky. Well I'm sure Debs felt quite lucky as well. Some great replies above about such a lovely guy I'm sure Debs and Liam will take some comfort in this more terrible time. As mentioned above a meeting Final/trophy named in his honour I'm sure would be something he would have loved. RIP Big man.
  2. A1 NOS

    Peter Rees NZ2

    Well I like him. Races with plenty of spirit and is without doubt the most entertaining overseas driver I have seen. Gets stuck in just hope he doesnt do anything unethical on WF night.
  3. Andy Smith. That drive in the Final was something else. Also I thought worth a mention was NZ10 who was extremely entertaining and used his bumper without hesitation. 9 out of 10 for meeting.
  4. FWJ's current tarmac car. Its a little vintage is it not. (Joke) Probably Stuarts Super Do Do in Discount Cycles cuise, at Aycliffe on a wet Sunday in 77 i think. My first stock car memory.
  5. Now I am not totally mechanically minded and kind of know the difference in principle between the two, however surely with a formula when the cars do the same circuit week in week out there must be one which is better suited than the other. What differences in terms of maximum revs and BHP Also how do the two differ in terms of surfaces prefered if any?
  6. LOL. Not mine. Only wear Ray Bans
  7. There is banter & there is downright nastiness - let's stick to the banter eh?! Well I have to say I did not think my original post was Nasty. More banter with a view to stirring up some opinions. Everyone has one and if Daniel sees fit to deal with posts as they come in and i am sure he edits ones that are unfit. I sense theres a lot of pretty uptight individuals out there regarding Brisca F1. Lets take a chill pill. I love my racing and have had a real insight into what goes on behinds the scenes with the drivers, mechanics and familys and sponsers. There all stars for racing and as Orwell said, "there all stars, but some are more stars than others". Do you really think I dont know how much effort goes into putting a car/s onto the track at a meeting. Its just nice to put a topic on when you want a view. All of the topics I put on are for a reason. It beggers belief but in the past some people have even said they are "good topics". Some maybe arnt. You cannot win all the time. (Just ask Frankie) ((No I didnt mean that)). Anyway, see you all at Birmingham. Enjoy your week.
  8. It wont annoy me at all. As long as its a good race, the result is a bonus if "your" man wins. Andy won the World Final in 2006, but it was by far not the best world final I have seen.
  9. No one seemed to manage it for 5 years, Do you think it was a coincidence that the first year 391 has 2 cars (and lets be honest they are the best 2 drivers in the sport) is the first year FWJ looses the National Series. Just a thought.
  10. . At this point in time No. Reckon there is a lot of Brisca F1 fans out there more than a little miffed about what happened last year and the Brisca Gradings Champion, awarded retrospectively as it was. He aint world champion, or national points/series champion. If FWJ doesnt win them this year and looses the Bristish, what money on Brisca producing a new roof colour, ummmmmmmmmmm, lets say purple for arguments sake for the Brisca Points Grading Champion, or whatever its called. All I am saying is, come March 2008 Frankie could be sporting a pukka Red Roof (with flashing lighs I know)
  11. With his second place in Venray firmly under his belt I assume the next time we see FWJ he will be without his Gold Cup stripes. Then, after Skeggy the chequered roof will be gone and before you know it, stroll on 2008. he will line up a pucka Red Top. Will be some sight I have to say.
  12. A1 NOS

    Carl Pickering

    When you have invested as much money as I have into Brisca F1, I think it permits me to voice my opinion, impartial or not.
  13. Joint 1st/ Stuart Smith 391/1 and Andy Smith 391. Dont need to add any more 3rd. 390. Stuart Smith. Ditto above 4th. 318. Rob Speak. Something always happened when he was in a race. 5th. 272 6th. 64 7th. 380. 8th. 190 9th . 199 10th. 383. 5 different favorites 1. 403 Keith Stockdale i think. 2. 14. Was it Gordon Foster (Aycliffe. I was only 7) 3. 138. Trevor todd i think. 4. 294. John Dowson 5. 198 Nigal Whally
  14. Lets be honest there is only going to be one winner at Sheffield and for that matter, Kings Lynn
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