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    Raced F2's and V8's ......
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    fan from the early 60's
  1. alan

    Rip Phil haigh

    R.I.P Phil. You gave it and you took it in return, an out and out entertainer who will never be forgotten. Phil entertaining at his best .......... The famous ramp jump
  2. Bezz Alan Wardropper Bobby Burns
  3. Just like to say well done to Mike Ashcroft for his 2nd place in white top race.
  4. alan


    From the last entry list I saw, Geoff was the only F1 driver from the UK there. Well done
  5. alan


    If you check back on this forum you'll find a very good thread about such devices. Also, I noticed a few weeks back on ebay in the states that someone was selling them and willing to post to the UK.
  6. Chris, I was going to say something similar but i'll add this. Irrespective of what anyone on this or any other forum speculates or suggests. Ryan Harrison was found guilty by an "Inquiry Panel" of a catagory "A" offence. He was judged by his peers.
  7. alan

    197 GN ANTTICS

    Fair old debate going on here, usual cross section of opinion, wonder if health and safety read it ?
  8. Speedy only provided the emulsion for that
  9. F1 RESULT HEAT 2 (14 CARS) 515-502-321-2-4-259-136-54-91-260 Jane cant get in stoxnet so ask for it to be posted OOPS she made it
  10. I will be suprised if Bezz is out in the new car at BV. Probably use the Graham Barr car for shale.
  11. alan

    Stox Lotto, Week 11

    Ht1 197 Ht2 215 Ht3 97 Con 515 Fin 37 Gn 515
  12. alan


    That could be the que for a very interesting thread Colin, should stock cars be made quieter to help safeguard the sport ? Being pro-active before it's forced on us, or the loss of a track because of noise issues.
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