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  1. Yorick

    Gary Castell

    this isnt the point if hes dutch or not...bit offtopic... you should be ashamed for not respecting a other mans opinion now you gonna be ashamed of me too? because i gave you some stick? Now back on topic i aint sure what too think about garys situation... lets twist it a bit...why should there be even a nz on the grid? please note that i have nothing against nz or its drivers... what if rees wins it? enough from me...
  2. Yorick

    Stox V Rods

    they rod the stox here in holland ...and the hotrods look more like saloons sometimes
  3. Brakes for one axels Quickchange? Gearboxes im being told ? not sure on that one and some dutch cars aint allowed in uk.. the wobbes special too name one
  4. Great weekend what a great track bit dusty..but thats whats field racing is all about ... @ ppl with white clothes
  5. You have too extract the Rar File Other type of Zip .. http://www.rarlab.com/rar/wrar370.exe the file you need then when unzipped run the exe... easy as that
  6. ouch someone trew his dummy in my eye... how real can ya get
  7. lovely pictures sooperb drive mr Hines
  8. wee Thank got not another track gone.. we have lost too many already in the past strange that its only 100 meters away though
  9. = Crasher when ive dumped em in the fence = Crasher when he got the payback on me
  10. Yorick

    Rain stops play!

    the white one is sjaak van diepen...forgot his number
  11. Happens @ Venray Too Forgot where i got this Picture from !! So Please take Credit if its yours !! Good Topic this...always Interesting stuff
  12. Yorick

    Peit Keitzer

    My condolences to his family and his team and friends and Hope Ed Neachell can get over this
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