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    saloonatic,ones n tooz fan
  1. 321 caught the eye so gets my vote 7/10 ratin
  2. 283 DOTD 5/10 ratin due to difficult track conditions.
  3. as a 107 fan i have no probs with lee`s decision not to race this weekend at skeg,can`t see what all the fuss is about the smiths takin a weekend off either its their choice. as a stox fan it was my choice to go to skeg which i did and despite the weather turned out to be a good weekends racin from the drivers that were there, thanks chaps
  4. good session this plenty of bumper work and entertainin drives and a win for 107 DOTD 22 for the win in the grippin GN 7/10 meeting rating
  5. hedgehog

    chisums modelstox

    107 model has arrived,amazin detail this stox fan is well pleased thanks chisum
  6. DOTD was going to be 107 after a stormin drive in the final but 55 gets it after the thrillin last few laps of the GN.gonna rate this session 9/10
  7. defo the best all round session i`ve been to so far this season.1`s on good form and the loons english awsome stuff
  8. i`m havin a scale model built up of the 107 lee robinson car, ok for photos of the sides and front views for the signwork detail but need a shot of the back of the car clearly showin the detail.anyone help?
  9. that hit sticks in the mind so 259
  10. BOO HOO workin this weekend and its lookin like a blinder of a session at skeg does SCA cover this weekend?
  11. super session on the the loose stuff good racin from the 1`s and another shocker of a turnout from the loons.
  12. IPSWICH gets my vote.WIMBO nice stadium but find all the undercover behind glass etc stuff doesn`t give the same atmosphere as being on the terraces balling for your favourite.
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