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  1. one of the guys who I work with, his friend who has now died use to race F1s. his after any pictures. Alan shepherd is the drivers name. he can remember his number thank you Chris
  2. v8 hotstox 4.2 new bumpers nefs and bonnet comes with set up sheet. more info call dougie on 07970891752
  3. v8_473

    chris bracher v8s

    Cheers pal. You never know one day you'll may see me in a F1 😉
  4. v8_473

    chris bracher v8s

    No way would i give the world final up to anyone. You have to win the world final to have a gold roof and have the number 1. not be handed it. Give it up you for real Chris bracher #1 World final winner 2010 2011 2012
  5. v8_473

    Holland 434

    Does anyone know how Ivan got on in holland Cheers Chris Bracher
  6. v8_473

    Steve Reedman 361

    well done steve. wish i could of been there tonight to see it. but am getting my v8 ready for tomorrow. Big well done
  7. v8_473

    Anyone from Zouch ?

    steve reedman place is there so more and likey someone picking there car up.
  8. ex craig smith car for sale. complete and ready to race. for more info ring or text me Chris Bracher 07834284897
  9. Am after a program from belle vue 25th sept Cheers Chris Bracher
  10. http://photos.stoxnet.com/displayimage.php...m=792&pos=0 http://photos.stoxnet.com/displayimage.php...&pos=-27350 http://photos.stoxnet.com/displayimage.php...m=792&pos=2 copy and paste these and and they SHOULD work. if not give me your email address
  11. v8_473

    Sorry - more sad news

    Condolences to the Toon family. R.I.P joe from all the Bracher family
  12. ed 321 was not racing he was at my wedding
  13. v8_473

    R Factor

    i race v8 hotstox i think the game feel real. if you brake to hard it pulls you to the wall and give it to much and you spin
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