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    Driving,mechanicing,computers,any sort of motor sport,music,scuba diving.
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    Former driver 488/mechanic 212
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    Mechanic for 212 from 1983 to 1995 when I emigrated to Florida.
    Raced as 488 in F1s during 1985,1986 & 1987.
  1. 354 Richard Ainsworth had a small spoiler and Joppo (452) only had a little one also. ............I think they look racier ..
  2. I know what happened to the McDade 29 car. Higgy, 29, scrapped it. He though he was racing it, but it amounted to the same thing!!!!!
  3. Colin Gautry. Great driver, he loved the driving and really enjoyed the wins, but the one driver I think could have been even greater with the same gear as Smithy, Close and Wharton is Frankie Wainman. Achieved all his successes on a fraction of the budget of his contemporaries. i know I'm biased. But I am right!
  4. C'mon people, we all know the best drivers are standing on the terraces.....................................
  5. Just a quick FYI. Check this out http://www2.highlandstoday.com/news/news/2013/feb/18/3/lanewso1-states-foreign-driver-permit-may-violate-ar-637225/?referer=http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home&shorturl=http://bit.ly/Z9s56n
  6. No idea who your brother is? That's pure redneck!!
  7. Does anybody remember Winston Washington, "de fastest white top on de black top" from Hartlepool back in the 80s. Or was that a figment of someone's imagination?
  8. Ha ha, funny! But, from what I have read, he didn't miss him at all!!
  9. Ricky Carmicheal & Brad Kesolowski!
  10. Thanks, much appreciated!
  11. Can anyone please let me know where I can get the free download for resizing photos. I got the link from this site before, and I have got a differnt computer now.
  12. Fair is fair, AFL is standing on a wall ! Amen to that!!
  13. Forgot about her? He still dreams about her!!
  14. I havn't seen Eastenders in 20 years, but that has got to be bad!!!! Sorry Dave!
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