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  1. joker

    Improve the show...

    one other thing that could help improve the show would be to get bigger laps to go boards and that's not just cov that's all tracks more than 1 driver will tell you I didn't make the move because I was waiting for the last lap
  2. what ever happened to the brisca Questionnaire that was suppose to id problems and look for the solutions to help improve the product as a whole Chunder for once you where making some really good points and then go and spoil it with the crack about freeloaders the people who come in with the drivers are normally the mechanics so the next its raining cats and dogs think of them when its those guys who are laying in the puddles to fix the cars and miss parts of the meeting to help keep the car numbers up and then you have there family who could have a very nice life if they didn't race. Yes it is there choice to go racin but they have already put more than there fair share in
  3. hi dean did race here last year page 4 of the WF pics show the car he used. dean had a night long battle with 218 at brum in his warm up meeting that a lot people at the time talked about at the time in DOD. from what I can remember dean is the most successful AUS racer that has come over so far
  4. joker

    F1 Tyre Test?

    the other thing that need to be looked at is the performs to the task it was set. Goodyear promised 300 laps no drop off when they were delivered we did not get that. The tyre needs to deliver a slower lap time that will still grips in the corner on shale.
  5. joker

    410 Steve Charles

    steve has never raced anything before he had a short practice session at buxton 2 weeks ago
  6. think some people need to remember how hard this meeting is for the teams how hard the shots were that drivers were putting in the 11 car did not have a good night with us blowing a diff in the first heat and only just making it out for the next heat(4) to end up doing 1 lap and ending up with massive front end damage and a flat rear tyre, with 1 race inbetween we missed out on making the gate for the cons by 30 seconds. having the 2 support formulas made life a little easier other wise you would of had fun looking at an empty track. The format would of been better if it had been 2 races between the heats and the cons and 2 races between the cons and the final but thats how it was run so that what you have to deal with
  7. joker

    Team Racing

    I find it a little strange that you have failed to mention the 5 or so seasons of 515 vs team smith(390,391) ?????? As u seem to watch both the wainmans and the smiths abit if you can recall these events
  8. the 161 car knew what was coming as mark and michael get on very well so was on the brakes into the corner so michael had to run harder into the bend. other drivers would of gone in alot harder and totalled the front end of the 161 car 12 just did a fair and clean move for the win
  9. just a quick question how was it a messy last bender?? thought it worked well took the place didnt put the 161 car into the wall and made the drag to line easy
  10. i dont see why they shouldnt be named the drivers who are stickering the wings are making a small effort to stay within the rules where as these drivers are going to a greater effort to ignore the rules
  11. im am surprised that no one has yet to mention the multi coloured wings that seem to have been accepted the 390 cars was the first to start the trend with the 150 tar car doing the same prior to him winning the euro think his end plate was red white and blue, what would you say to a new fan if he asked what colour his roof was ?? but more to the point how where they allowed to pass scrutineering ??
  12. sorry posted in error sure 411 (grandson of 41) is looking at racin this weekend and that would make 22 once he has booked in
  13. hi steve how many security will be looking after the car parks at this meeting? There seemed to be a very high presence of security at semi inside the stadium, but when i had to leave the meeting early(due to work) the only member of security that i saw was in the entrance to the main grandstand. So does that mean that no-one was looking after the cars in the car park? I had arrived early to get my car into the car park to make sure it was safe, I was less than impressed to see no-one looking after it. Im sure I would not be the only one who feels like this.
  14. have you ever thought about saying please may get you a better response from people
  15. think your find its when tracks want to leave there cars in stupid places that the drivers mind. race damage is just a part of racin but not the wreck fest you seem to want at cov next year
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