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  1. Open for your slightly damp views and votes from King's Lynn.....
  2. Thread hadn't been started so I thought I'd start off. The F1's were on it tonight I felt with it certainly been a night of the yellow tops. Gordon Moodie taking the first heat was a surprise to me was expecting him to take a while to adjust to the F1. The Evans twins once more racking up most the wins. The F2's stole the show for me with the Final & GN races been the highlight. The Minis got better as the night went on with the World being the result we all expected I imagine. Must say was impressed with the turnaround 18 races in 4 and a half hours.
  3. Open for your Buxton views and votes......and for the avoidance of doubt, it's back to every man and woman for themselves. No more "twin" scores if you please!
  4. Over to you for your Skegness views and votes......
  5. Over to you for your Skegness views and votes......
  6. Great to be back, and for the first time in a long time it's over to you for your KL views and votes.
  7. Over to you for your last ever Stoke views and votes....
  8. It's going to be a busy weekend, starting with your views and votes on the Friday night session. Over to you.....
  9. Over to you for KL views and votes. Whilst we're here, just a quick reminder of the DotD and RR rules For the DotD - 0ne vote per member, per meeting attended please. If you vote for two or more drivers, then unfortunately none will be counted.Minimum 10 DotD votes and RR scores per meeting before we declare a winner for that meeting.Voting closes midnight Thursday each week, for the previous weekend's meetings.For the Racin' Rating, a whole number between 1 and 10 please - fractional scores are not counted.Finally - DotD is F1 only please - we are, after all, a Pure F1 forum!
  10. Slight change for this one - we're looking for your Driver of the Weekend, along with your RR of the weekend as a whole.
  11. I'm getting ahead of myself.......over to you for Sunday views and votes as and when.
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