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  1. I agree with everything said above, this is stock car racing, long may it continue Keech
  2. Hi there, i was wondering if someone would be able to tell me when the meeting starts today, how much it is to get in and the adress of the track? or be able to point me in the direction of wher i could find out, many thanks Keech
  3. keech291


    Thats a great help with the dan johnson cars thanks, when did he get the other one then as i only new he had the tarmac car, which was the 1st one he got, is that right? and as for hayley, was she just hiring the car or has she brought it as there were no numbers on the side of the cab
  4. keech291


    Hi, does anyone know if dan jonhson has 2 cars, 1 for shale and 1 for tarmac or are they just the same car adapted for each surface and also was hayley parkinson just hiring the ray witts car? Thanks
  5. hi there, i love the game brisca heat and play it in the harder mode where you can alter the setups in the garage part. i was just seeing if there were any people out there who also race it and could help me with some good setups for the tracks. i do not race online so would not use them on there and play offline and was just wondering if anyone could help me, if there are any saviours out there who could reply to this post or send me a pm i would much aprreciate it, many thanks keech
  6. keech291

    c5 tonight

    Is it repeated?
  7. So many choices, i think 335 edges it because in his heat he got passed by a red top and he caught him back up and put the bumper in to pass him and drove away from them! that is good driving! Also 53 john lund, what a great man! the speach he did was very touching and he fully deserved the applause and the recognition he got! also 291 dan squire, fantastic drive in his heat and with a buick engine great drive, and also 22 will yarrow for a HUGE hit on one of the neachells, was fantastic and sent him flying! overall, just 335, thanks keech
  8. keech291


    What time does coventry start for tonights meeting? thanks
  9. Wow that car looks different, looks great, well done team and good effort! Keech
  10. Well, the new season is just about upon us and i can imagine most drivers' cars are about ready for debut for coventry next week, so please if any of you have some pictures of new machines ready to be raced please post them up for us to admire, thanks alot, keech
  11. Wow, that looks really different, hope it goes well for you! Keech
  12. 491 car looks a good one, keep them coming people, who has got some more to share? Keech
  13. keech291

    Sam Lund

    I can only echo what has already been said, i have been lucky enough to speak to sam around the raceways and watch him race. Most memorably speaking to him at lundy's party 2 years back, a great chap full of charachter and laughs and will be sorely missed throughout the racing world, my condolences go out to john and annette, and the whole lundy team, and not forgetting james's aswell R.I.P both of them and my thoughts are with all families and friends at this time Keech
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