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    Racing, track n field, cyclocross.
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    For 25 years, as a small boy infected in Baarlo by the 454 Chevy's and smoking tires.
  1. holland515


    Good to read your opinions. Offcourse all credits to the photographers. Smaller watermarks dont spoil the complete picture. Asking for use seems natural, and so it should be. Keep up the good work all your photographers!, much appreciated!
  2. holland515


    I know, its been on this forum before. But its time to get the topic back on the forum. The watermarks are back and growing like weed. Look at the pics of the new 390 at KL. The photographers should be credited for their work, but these kinds of watermarks....... With the big watermarks I feel it to be some kind of advertisement. Dont think other kinds of advertisement would be allowed here. Lets appreciate en honour the photographers, but please be a little selective with your watermarks,...your pictures diserve it.
  3. Simple, no one has faced the competition FWJ has. No one has put so much, his whole life and family, in the sport. No one has had so much influence on the sport in terms of development, sportsmanship and social return to the community. SSS was great and much respected but FWJ is the greatest in the true meaning of the word.
  4. Mr Maessen has put a lot of money in buying property, neighbours property (pigfarms, bigones!), building the complete facility (2 times!!), legal costs, permits etc. This can only be done out of hughe investment potential, or a extreme love for the sport. Knowing Harry its absolutely his love for The sport and the promotion of it. In Holland there is discussion about the poor quality of The officials and handeling of The programme. To me Its simple. Facilities cant get much better than Venray. The environmental discussion will also blow over to the UK. Lets hope there are some Harry Maessens to in the UK! You guys have the experience with good officials so lets learn from each other. We be great to have one "brisca" for The whole stockcarscene.
  5. At this moment you can book a flight from Stansted to Eindhoven (25 min to Venray), for €20!! Hire a car for €55 per day. Cant go any cheaper.
  6. R/R 9 Dotd pffff H6/H77/UK84 splendid UK212 dotd for his bad luck
  7. Haha "tangled up" is not what happend. H6 had à massive lead before the waved yellows. Than young Fairhurst simply drove into Keizer in the home straight. Job done. No offence thats stockcarracing well done Tom Harris!
  8. As a litle Dutch boy I went with my father to Baarlo and England to watch stockcars. About 25 years ago I asked my English teacher "what means Barmy Army?", cause I had seen that line and could not understand it. I remember it made my teacher smile and he said something like "must be fun over there".
  9. True thing! Nevertheless nothing beats a good curry in the morning. Fingers crossed for the curry stand! Are there Northampton insiders on the curry stand issue?
  10. I hope the facilities are on par with the WF in Northampton a few years ago. I hope to meet the great Curry stand that was there than!
  11. holland515


    Making the trip from the mainland! I just have a 'regular' ticket, does that mean I canonly watch the back of the grandstand?? When I look at the admission price of a regular there must be something spectacular on those backs.
  12. holland515

    WF grid

    That was the meeting con, the wf con is at NIR on the 10/09/11 You are right, thanks, fingers crossed. Now I remember the famous consi between Murray and Ed Neachell.
  13. holland515

    WF grid

    I saw Math Newson made it in the Consi (if i am right). He really deserves a place in the final! Good job Math.
  14. holland515

    WF grid

    don't underestimate Kroonder, Wobbes and de Bruijn on tarmac, and what about Gary 'Cloggy' Castell...
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