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  1. SORRY CHAPS but this is Business and both Coventry and Dougie hoped to gain financially from the TV. Somewhere your plan failed so sort a proper Business Plan out next time - TOUGH BUT TRUE !
  2. lets hope this happens and maybe the old car could be restored and one day stand next to new come back car that also seems to be of intrest to many
  3. I wonder if the chassis still lays on the scrap heap with the price of scrap being good if it is maybe Mr Barber might be intrested in it the car always generates conversation and maybe should be saved
  4. sorry gary but your wrong as I have the space frame roll cage in my work shop on abrand new chassis true it was your space frame car but I bought it of murray in around 1996 hope this helps
  5. easyas

    F1 Agm Any News

    Well just as I been thinking not a lot happens at the agm,s or is it a secret meeting somebody must know something 73 and 383 always had something to say or maybe its got to them also
  6. easyas

    F1 Agm Any News

    Any body know any news from the agm on sunday whats in or out
  7. steve you got me thinking now roughly how much are we talking about and where were you thinking of
  8. easyas

    nxt season's fixtures

    I suspect that both sides dont think we need to know anything but thats the way the paying public and not in the click drivers appear to be treated NEWS NOW ! please
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