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  1. the One and Only,..the greatest ever,..gone but never forgotten RIP
  2. wafflo Jufflo

    Agm !

    nail on the head, Ozzy when I raced autograss many many moons ago,this was used on engines,..very effectively,..As long as everyone had an identical restricter fitted
  3. Thank you so much, for taking the time and trouble,to put the photos and the great article together. I never went ,but almost feel like I did from the very descriptive memories you have of the place ,the photos of the retro superstox are brilliant,..very different
  4. wafflo Jufflo

    Agm !

    whatever you are,or are not running,..there is a great big equaliser fitted front and back,..and its allowed to be used in our unique sport (unlike the other F1),..it aint always the fastest who wins
  5. wafflo Jufflo

    Agm !

    was Nigel the first to use a complete 9" axle ?,....or just the one, whose made it work best ?,...just askin?
  6. RIP Skid Skinner,..another part of the sports rich history,.passes on,...thankyou for the entertainment.
  7. wow,..that is amazing,..I can remember the original coming out in 1979,..still looks cool now,..well done all
  8. Fantastic stuff Nigel,..really enjoyed the blogs as usual,..winter well and all the best for 2018
  9. got to spring to Jeremys defence a little here, and put a counterpoint of view forward.The old fella was a marshall at cov for many a moon,and when he was finally "pensioned off" due to advancing years,.... he was very kindly offered free admission for as long as he required,..which he very gratefully used. whenever there was ever a problem with admission pass over the years,...,(lost pass,..New staff on gate etc),..Jeremy, and Simon, couldn't have been more helpful,.. so its thanks from me,.... and no im not a relative,..and he hasnt paid me to post this
  10. loved the blogs Nigel,...applaud the sportsmanship regarding 169 rollover,..great thing to do,..hope it gets you positive Karma,in the future. Good advice from Jop 452
  11. well, I have missed my1st saturday fix badly this year,probably along with many others,..and went along last night not really expecting too much ,if Im being honest,...how wrong was I !!! That meeting was top drawer racing,...very very good,..so thankyou very much for putting the meeting on Jeremy,..in what has been a tough year Im sure. The driver numbers might not have been up to Cov standards,..but you dont really notice that round Stoke,..and thanks to all of the drivers for all their determination,..hardwork,..and effort last night,..they really put on a show. I was hoping it was a financial success last night,..and that we may see more of the same (1st Sat Stoke),next year..anyhow all the best,..and good luck
  12. no problem Dave,.its a fair question, I suppose you(or rather me). sort of get out of the habit, rightly or wrongly,and lose a bit of interest,..(never thought I would say that),....but hopefully, by making the effort this Saturday.I might get interest back a bit, I suppose 1st Sat Cov, was a routine and were all creatures of habit aint we?
  13. well, I'm gonna be honest, I've really missed Cov, and have only attended two meetings so far this year,(Hednesford and Sheff British), which were ok, but not like the real thing, I reckon this is the fewest events I have attended in 47 yrs. With the first Saturday, mostly vacant, I've found other stuff to do, but me and my old Dad, (who used to marshall at LE and Cov)fully intend supporting this Event and would welcome,1st Saturday, midlands shale events such as these, as I hope would many others? Hope its a huge success for all, especially No 45
  14. how brilliant is that post,..amongst all the negativity around the sport at the minute,..it just reminds you what it's all about. it sort of captures that childlike enthusiasm, we all felt, in my case a long time ago, lol well done all involved
  15. I think this idea of field racing was talked about before, and I said then, that I think this is probably the way our sport will end up going. With recent events, and loss of premium venues etc,..land at a premium,...it looks even more likely. Better than dirt racing disappearing altogether though?
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