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  1. Sorry for my post over there Jane but seething at the ignorance at the time
  2. Mike, are you sure it's a Brewers Fayre pub? If its the one on the site of the Premier Inn , it is called the Roman Way but it's another chain that I cant recall just now. Just had a quick google, is it this one? http://www.tabletable.co.uk/content/tabletable/our-pubs/leicester/roman-way.html
  3. Sorry Carl, that does sound a bit blunt now I have read it back.
  4. Coming from Matlock don't even go near Buxton town centre. For a scenic drive I would head for Bakewell then on the B5055 Monyash Road, turn right onto the A515 then left onto Buxton Road B5053 and up past the quarry officies, at the top of the hill turn right and the track is on your right about 2 miles up the road.
  5. All members are welcome to post in any* thread as long as their post complies with the Stoxnet Content Rules, which you can read here. Same rules for everyone. *apart from the results threads, please leave that for the results team Could you not just ban posts with too many CAPITAL LETTERS and Smiley's
  6. I do not think anyone of the team will know me but I have known Derek for a while now. I used to spanner for Bill McGowan for a couple of years. I was at Skeggy for the UK Open around five years ago staying at a B&B with some Scottish friends I had met through UK Dirt online racing. On the Sunday morning they had gone to get some supplies for their journey home so I was left with some time on my hands so decided to have a wander through the pits. Had a nod and a wave to the odd few folks I knew, but when approaching the 218 transporter I could see all was not well, Derek being Derek acknowledged me with a warmth that outshone the other camps even though he was obviously pushed for time. Seeing the urgency of the situation (front axle still on the floor after being straightened)I forgot about the glad rags and when the Scottish crew arrived i was laid on my back underneath the car. Derek was of course extremely thankful and I got some major bragging rights when the car won its next race. Brilliant post Suzanne, just thought I would try and write how team Fairhurst come across to the average punter.
  7. Well done Lee. What an amazing achievement and what an amazing drive.
  8. Welly

    Crashers return

    Hey well done pal, glad you finally got the chance to give it another go.
  9. Idiot? Can i come and drive into the side of your car for no reason and do £200 damage and see what your reaction would be? Adam knows it was a mistake and was in the heat of the moment, yes he went up to the box, took the wrap and apologised. Both cars were stationary in turn one side by side and H228 just drove through the right rear to rejoin. Damaged the right rear wheel beyond repair and tore the sidewall of the goodyear. So in the heat of the moment he wanted to give him a piece of his mind. Thats how much of a budget we race to, just dont think some people understand. So for the sake of £200 you think its a good idea to run across the track??? It would have cost far more than that if God forbid he would have been hit by another car. What is your point? You admit Adam knows it was a mistake and possibly an idiotic action, but then offer to drive into the posters own car. If you think that we should all condone his actions then its YOU that doesn't understand.
  10. Welly

    259 Mechanic

    Glad to here all seems well mate. Take care.
  11. A photograph (could send by e-mail ;-) ) A Certificate (could send by e-mail ;-) )
  12. This is the body of the e-mail sent too me. 160291068525 - Craig Utley Brisca F1 Stockcar Sponsor 484 was removed from eBay for breaching of one or more of our listing policies. Any offers or bids that you placed on this Fixed Price listing are now null and void, you don't have to complete this transaction. This listing was removed because it was listed incorrectly; therefore, the seller is free to re-list the item in the correct format. If you want to, feel free to bid on the item again if it's re-listed. For more information about eBay's Listing Policies and User Agreement please copy these links into new browser windows: http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/sell/policies.html http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/user-agreement.html Thank you for your understanding and we hope that this clarifies why we removed the item. Regards, eBay Trust & Safety Typical ebay, try and get a genuine rip-off add removed and it takes days if not weeks!!! My cheque was posted Sunday, lets hope their are many more on their way too.
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