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  1. This does not really effect the F1 visits this year as we appreciate the distances drivers are making but the engine noise is still restricted. This notice is for our 'domestic' meetings as we were getting drivers arriving at 1.00 to work on their cars even though they only live a 20 minute drive away. Christer Earrey Spedeworth Motorsports
  2. Coming down the A14 would be the Ipswich Beacon Hill Travelodge on the A14/A140, Beacon Hill, Needham Market, Suffolk, IP6 8LP. But the Capel St Mary one is closer.
  3. Da Lizard

    opportunity lost

    2 Adults and 4 Childrens (under 15's) admission at Foxhall Saturday night would have cost £48 maximum. The Family ticket (2 Adults & upto 3 children) was at £40 for the reason of encouraging families to come in. This was a saving of £14 for paying as individuals. Sorry for this misunderstanding for the family involved but we did have a turnstile manager who stands at the front of the turnstiles to assist people who have any questions to ask.
  4. I got caught up in the roadworks at 8.30pm tonight after leaving the Stadium and it didn't look as though they would be cleared for tomorrow. Will see when I go back to the track tomorrow at about 10 and will post on here if there is any change!
  5. Roadworks are still on the roundabout at the moment and judging by the pile of earth next to it, they are likely to still be there tomorrow unfortunately. Best to play it safe and still avoid that route and if anything has changed in the morning I shall let you know.
  6. It is the Foxhall Road turning to come into the Stadium but both gates are open for exiting the Heath. I will keep everyone informed on the roadworks nearer the time, they are still there at the moment but hopefully they may be gone by the weekend. Updated Drivers list is now HERE
  7. I can assure you that the 'car park' is not common land, it is indeed private property (with a couple of public footpaths and a bridleway) and as such we have to pay for the use of it for car parking from the landowners. There is a boot sale on the land in the morning so anyone wanting a lay in will be awoken at 6am when the pitches set up The Thunder 500 is not 500 laps, miles or beers (wishful thinking!). It was named as such for that was how much prize money was up for grabs. Christer Earrey Foxhall Stadium Manager.
  8. Camping isn't permitted on the Heath at Foxhall. If anyone does stay over then be prepared for a rude awakening at 6am on the Sunday when the Boot Sale starts setting up! Other campsites in the area are the Orwell Meadows which isn't far from the A14 turnoff or indeed for transporters try the Orwell Crossing truckstop on the A14, late bar, food, showers, etc.
  9. Da Lizard

    Carlos 305

    Carlos is booked in to race at Ipswich on the 23rd.
  10. Hi All, I would like to thank everyone for making Saturday's meeting such a fantastic event, as mentioned by many others the atmosphere was electric and the racing superb. I managed to catch one heat from the middle and the noise on there was something I've never felt before and that includes a visit to the Nascar Daytona 500! We estimate the crowd was in the region of 5000 so that makes it our second biggest crowd of the year (behind our Spedeweekend) and I did get the car park full sign out just in case! I know many locals who have never seen the F1's around Foxhall before and I've had many phonecalls/texts/e-mails all saying how very much they enjoyed them and are looking forward to the next installment. I would like to apologise for the meeting over running as we do appreciate many of you travelled long distances to get there and this is something we can learn from; fortunately I think the racing managed put this to one side! Regards, Christer Earrey Foxhall Stadium Manager Spedeworth Motorsports.
  11. I shall pass on your message to the First Aid crew at our next race meeting. Hope Neil makes a swift recovery and returns to the tracks soon.
  12. I shall try and get one sorted on Monday, car numbers at the last count was 48 but I'll be quite happy to be corrected on that! I shall also see if the race format has been decided and add that as well.
  13. The pass-out ticket gate is adjacent to the turnstiles and tickets are available once the turnstiles are open. In essence, you could come straight in, plonk your seats down, use the amenities if you've had a long journey and then head back out into the pit area. Extra lightning will also be up on the night to keep everyone safe but we would recommend children to be supervised when in the pit area.
  14. The red route is probably the easiest route to follow but for anyone with the 'munchies' on the journey home you may want to follow the blue route as this will take you past (in order!) KFC, Subway, Burger King & McDonalds before you hit the A14.
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