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    2 Quick gearboxes

    Mark Gilbank 07767 836 141 ELITE Gearboxes and parts available at Mark Gilbanks transporter
  2. The contents of this post have been removed because it is not primarily about F1 stock car racing.
  3. Marie

    Venray travel advice

    Is this just for freight or motor homes too.
  4. Thanks Jane it's for Guy Parker.
  5. Hi Jane. Would there be any chance of top 12 for results please as they score up to 12 place for WQ points in a 2/3rd meeting. Thanks Marie
  6. Does anyone know where I Might find results for the minis today? Thanks Marie
  7. My thoughts on just some of the items up for discussion on car spec. I will probably add more before the AGM. Thanks Brian. RALLY TYRES NEAR SIDE REAR I think the rally tyre rule in the rule book is fine. To consider a controlled rally tyre for the near side rear would mean a considerable on cost, for all the drivers. Personally we have never bought a new rally tyre for any corner, we always used 1 or 2 stage worn tyres, at a fraction of the cost that a controlled rally tyre would be. To go to a controlled rally tyre would again increase costs. What we don’t want to do is let one or two drivers, who I am told are buying new tyres and buffing them down for tarmac, increase the cost of racing for everyone else, the BSCDA/BMB should address that small problem with the offending drivers. In a lot of cases the NSR tyre that is used is totally free, after been used on shale. BRAKES CALIPERS I think the rule book is right on callipers and we should stick with what we‘ve got and not allow aluminium. Some drivers have quoted that transit callipers are getting more difficult to source; we have never had that problem, and normally can get a transit calliper delivered within a couple of hours. BRAKE PADS I don’t think we should have a controlled brake pad. I have recently spoken with several drivers and agree with what they said; at the end of the day you have got to be able to stop the car on tarmac, and to have a controlled brake pad, whether expensive or low cost I think would be wrong, I think the choice should be left with the drivers. To have a controlled pad, if it is not good quality could work out more expensive. It might not be as cost effective and also force drivers who would normally run a low cost pad to buy them, which would push their costs up FUEL TANKS It seems to me that the fuel tank saga has gone on for years without anyone from the BSCDA/BMB really grasping the nettle. Last year the drivers voted to ban aluminium tanks which I thought was the right thing to do, only to be overruled by the BMB which I think was wrong. I don’t think aluminium or stainless steel is the right material, neither do I think the answer is a fuel cell, one standard fuel cell will not fit every car. Plus it’s another major expense for the drivers. Speaking from experience I have no problem at all with a mild steel fuel tank as per rule book thickness, providing it is made in what I believe to be the correct way. A fuel tank needs to be folded on the corners where it butts up to a cross member and folded on the point nearest to the roll cage where the damage is more likely to occur. We make our tanks in 2 half’s with 3 folded corners and set in 3mm to give you a good weld around the outside and then double weld the welded corners on the inside and then set the top in 3mm to weld all the way around. We’ve got 3 cars with mild steel tanks; 1 has been in the car since 1994…20 years 1 has been in the car since 1999…15 years 1 has been in since 2003… 11 years, all without any damage or repairs. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with mild steel tanks made correctly, whether or not the committee / BMB thinks that repairing a tank is acceptable or not, a mild steel tank is easier to work with. DAMPERTECH SHOCKERS My opinion on dampertech shockers has not changed, putting aside that we never voted to change the specification of shock absorbers to mono tube. I think that dampertech shockers have never been suitable for F1 stock cars, it’s just not strong enough to stand up to our contact sport. All I have heard this season from drivers who wanted to talk about shock absorbers is how much more expensive it is now they have been forced into using dampertech. Everybody who spoke to me has been quick to tell me how many shockers they have had to buy this year, they quoted the cost of them 3 or 4 times more than last year. Also that dampertech have failed to repair the shockers in the time scale agreed and I am told when you ring them about it you get empty promises, and when they do finally get around to repairing your shockers, most of them are uneconomical repairs. I have been told when I driver asked for them back dampertech told the driver he had scrapped them. I believe dampertech have failed in their contractual agreement to supply a shock absorber that is fit for purpose, I think they have failed in selling second hand shockers, and failed in the repair service. I have also been told that drivers who have only glanced the fence have found 2 shockers on the car falling apart at the end of the race. I think it would be wrong to continue the plan to make all whites and yellows change to dampertech at the end of the season, taking into consideration all the facts we now know about dampertech. I also think BSCDA/BMB should have a review on all the problems and the increased cost since changing to dampertech. How to faze them out if it was to be decided by the BSCDA/BMB would have to be a decision by the BMB. I think to continue using this shock absorber though out all the grades could get drivers not racing due to the increased costs. When a contract is made all parties have to keep to the agreed terms and conditions and I think Dampertech have failed. CRUMPLE ZONES My opinion on crumple zones is that we have always had 6 zones, one on each corner and both nerf rails. When a car hits the safety fence, it more often than not comes off the track with the bumper ends knocked back or the nerf rail damaged. I think the new crumple zone rule and the design of it is a waste of time, but if that’s what the BMB wants for whatever reason, so be it. I think the article that Kevin W put on stoxnet in August is far nearer to the problem, we are now crashing into more concrete walls and solid plates than we have done in the past, which I think is causing driver injury.
  8. Marie

    2014 World Final Q/A

    Will there be any disabled parking available on the saturday?
  9. It is with sadness I have to say Eileen Gilbank passed away on Saturday 24th May. The Funeral will take place at 2.30 at St Helens church Treeton. Friday 6th June. Followed by a private cremation. All welcome back at Treeton Miners Welfare Club Treeton. Brian, Marie, Mark & Families. (Team 21)
  10. Marie

    Shocking prices!

    BRIAN GILBANK Over the last few weeks I have spoken to many drivers, covering all grades including shoot out drivers and I have yet to find one driver that wants Dampertech Shock Absorbers. The common comment, is all that expense because of a handful of drivers. Drivers opinions are - we only wanted to get rid of Ryan Harrisons Shock Absorbers and stop Ian Gardner altering the valving in shock tech shock absorbers, according to his twitter account. But my opinion is that some drivers have been using so called hard bump/soft bump for years. I would also like to say that I don't think Ryan was doing anything wrong, or Ian because there was nothing in the rule book which states you couldn't alter the valving or internals of shock absorbers. I think the problem lies firmly in the hands of the BSCDA committee. If drivers were complaining about the so called expensive alteration, the committee should have stopped it by going for a simple modification by fitting a tamperproof top, to the existing protech / shocktech and any other shocker they thought should be on the approved list, which would have cost peanuts at the side of what it is now going to cost. Well the time has come now for the drivers to stand up and be counted. It is only drivers that can stop this unconstitutional change, after all the mandate was to slow the cars down in which they have failed and to reduce cost...failed again. Drivers that are fuming with the BSCDA committee should be big enough to ring them and not criticise them behind there backs, the only way to sort out what I think is a big problem is to come out in the open and put your comments on stoxnet or make your feelings known to the BSCDA committee. Brian Gilbank
  11. Marie

    Shocking prices!

    BRIAN GILBANK First of all I want to clear up a couple of points posted earlier that I couldn't check with Protech until they re opened after the holidays. 1. Carlos Perez stated in one of his postings that he was a Protech dealer and it would probably cost him money.... I enquired with protech yesterday about Carlos involvement....they couldn't remember how long it is since they dealt with Carlos Perez.... probably some years ago now. So I don't think Carlos can class himself as a protech dealer. 2. When the BSCDA asked Protech for shockers for on track testing, Protech sent them four shockers 2 long and 2 short with a note to let them know weather they wanted 2 more to test on tarmac or shale. Protech never received a request for further shockers. The next contact Protech had with the BSCDA was when they received the shockers back. When Protech opened the box, the first thing they noticed there was no marks on the spring seats and no signs that they had been out of the box to be dyno tested. I wondered if they were tested at all or was it a far gone conclusion.... 3. I don't want anybody to take anything I state personally, I try only to state facts but I feel that I also must comment on the Matt Newson posting, where he stated that Protech was different from one to another on the dyno, I feel that Matt must have been mislead because yesterday Protech put all four shockers set on 6 clicks back on the dyno and all 4 shockers gave the same readings. 4. Bearing in mind that there always been a rule in the rule book that new technology cannot be used without taking that product to the AGM to be voted on. Being as Dampertech (Monotube) is new technology to Brisca F1 I think any change should be put on hold and presented at the next AGM. Remember all existing shockers can be checked and sealed with a different coloured tamperproof top for easy identification. 5. Also bear in mind, from some comments posted earlier we have never had to send any shockers back to the factory from ANY driver just because they said they've gone off... every shocker sent back to the factory had received damage. 6. Also bear in mind my post earlier that we have had the same set of shockers on our shale car for about forty meetings over two years racing including at 3 stokes and these shockers have never gone off and have never been off the car for repair. 7. Referring to Brikos posting, because its such an important decision I think that he has got a point. I think it should be 1 driver 1 vote. How does the BSCDA/Management board expect to attract more cars on track i.e.(low budget existing drivers who are not racing or new drivers to come out of the woodwork to do a few meetings) If they cant have a vote. 8. I refer to Andy 279 posting he is 100% right, I think the committee has got a very difficult job to do, but rules are rules and they cant just make them up as the go on. In this particular instance I think they have made a massive mistake because of the cost to all drivers, it wouldn't cost a massive amount of money to seal existing shockers and put off the use of Dampertech unit a vote can be carried out at the next AGM. 9. Bear in mind, that I never hide behind anyone else's postings, the only thing I have ever stated on this thread are facts, so anyone who has tried to draw me into a slanging match has failed miserably. BRIAN GILBANK.
  12. Marie

    Shocking prices!

    From Brian Gilbank. Just another thought, and I don't mean to be disrespectful to lower graders by calling them lower graders, we need every driver out there to put on good races, but give this a thought, a so called top driver will probably buy 1 set of shockers to start with and then minimal replacements through out the season, but then think about the white/yellow/blue tops... how many sets will they have to buy when they get them smashed off every meeting 2 sets, 3 sets, the cost is endless. So the move to monotube will probably make the reds go quicker, at a cost of @ 5 shockers and the cost to the rest who can smash shockers every meeting could force many drivers into retirement. But what I would like to see is more comments from all grades of drivers If the moves goes ahead it could end up costing the lower grade drivers 2 or 3 times more than the shootout drivers. Brian Gilbank
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