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  1. Hi folks, any chance we cazn get this group going again on Facebook it's been relatively unused since about 2010/11, plenty of pics added there and a few memories too, would be nice again to share more memories of tracks, drivers and associated characters within the sport, the link is below, please join and add thoughts and pics https://www.facebook.com/groups/143683472321554/?ref=ts&fref=ts
  2. the one holding the bucket looks like hearn!!!
  3. Odsal metal fence and sleepers for past track and skeggy before and after the shale
  4. ackers72

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    welcome old boy this is a damn good site and got my interest back after a similar time away, hope you enjoy!!!
  5. I will not be doing either as I am working Booooo Hooooo!!!
  6. A good job they have the armco there now instead of the bare bank as in previous years that really would have launched him!!!
  7. Stoxnet is ace its got me back into the sport I got out of due to my job thanks to everyone and I mean everyone on here, Daniel and all the posters, plus its somewhere to put my lousy pics too lol!!!
  8. Hurray!!! I was fed up of the negative stuff on here, as I said on one of the recent threads lets continue to make this sport the spectacle it is, Well said Daniel!!!
  9. ackers72


    Both great drivers just a shame there isnt more of the same in the sport who can take it as well as dish it out, that really would be a sight instead of the after you claude style a lot of topline drivers use!! Its a contact sport a true great driver is someone who does know how to cope with both, the ones that do earn more respect!!! Many a time i have seen Lundy or Wainman fenced by each other then getting retribution and afterwards no hard feeling only respect just as i said. I am a neutral these days so bias doesn't come into it with me I just love great racing, great bumper work, great skill and to everyone in either camp its guys like the ones you love or hate that make the sport the spectacle it is. A perfect example below is Wainman fencing Lundy and Ray and then getting put in fence by Lundy!!!
  10. I loved that when i was a nipper and always waited till the end so i could blow my airhorn lol!!!
  11. I didnt see this as I was already on route but took A672 anyway, and blimey it was foggy!!!!
  12. I agree Old man Wainman 212 is up there I thought I was seeing things when he came past on the old tractor lol!! He is doing everyone favours so he gets a big leaving pressie lol!!! We would still be waiting well done Frank
  13. I love it great to see someone breaking from the norm, he could start a trend then it would'nt be unique then so Nige would have to come up with an even more outlandish design!!!! Hope it wins!!!
  14. A true good and proper stock car racer!!!!
  15. Can anyone remember the London bus race at Northampton on World of Sport????
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