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    fan since 1986, ex driver 409 (1994/95)
  1. I see Long Eaton getting mentioned here. If anyone cares to watch the 1994 semi final, that was as bad if not worse than yesterday, especially on the bends. Andrew has a sound idea, Northampton as a shale raceway, really must step in to the Saturday night vacancies. Shale management I'm pretty certain is made half as easy when the temperature drops and a bit longer to prep it. They sort of got there by the final and GN, but one swallow doesn't make a summer, so all those vowing this and that, fine, stay away, but those who are prepared to give Dean a chance of getting it right, should be allowed to.
  2. Oh abd keeping the #3 going, I think Eddie Roberts we to that from #28?
  3. I think you can add a 5 to Bert Finnikins list Ged, I seem to recall him using that when Craig took 55,altnough I think he just had a tar car, but definately raced at Kings Lynn in it. Off top of me bonce, Terry Forster 414/25,Phil Wheelton 411/6,Rob Pearce 281/175,and Chris Fort took 213 when he started, now 3.
  4. Ok, so it's late June, probably hottest part of the day, first time an F1 race happens, and it's a dustbowl. Is it only me that's not surprised in the slightest, as stated above heat 2 was better. People VERY quick to go down the "rip the shale up" route. Ok, a couple of meetings have happened, but were any of those F1? No. I've seen worse at Bradford and that's when it's been evening. Driver safety is paramount, and if experienced drivers are helping with advice for the watering, hats off to em.
  5. First time at Belle Vue for some time, and definitely won't be the last. It's still for me, the most action packed shale track, and yesterday certainly proved action packed! Richard Bryan (238) drive brilliant in his heat and wouldn't have been caught if it was 20 laps, let alone 16.Heat 2 might have been interesting had Dan Johnson not had car trouble on the restart, Consolation looked evenly matched between 84 and 515 for about 5 laps, but then it dried and 84 was off. The final looked like Smiths all the way, although Will Hunter hung with him and even moved him wide! But Smith was gone and proof of intent was his disposal of 424 and 259 in one go on turn 1.Good on Bobby G for grasping the opportunity when it came, only to go out on the back straight and give onlookers a flying spring display which thankfully landed in the grass on the centre green.Once again Tom there to sweep up, and Paul Hines a great recovery to runner up. Grand National.... bedlam, but good to see DJ get clear while cars were going all points of the compass! Overall, f2 and minis good support, just about stomach the "guaranteed action" bangers. Was nice to park up in a way that you could actually get your car out without a 20 point turn! DOD. 463. gives everything, and battled right to the flag with 217 in the final RR. 9
  6. Graham B

    Dan Johnson

    I believe Dan`s reference to drivers not owning their own house might indicate that they aren`t wedged with huge budgets and may indeed be racing around what most of us would consider as a normal livelihood with mortgages to pay and the like . Nice to see a red/superstar actually sparing a thought for those without multi sponsors, the budget racer is a rare breed indeed without whom Stock Cars may soon be extinct!
  7. Not so much a gold roof jinx as others raising their game for the silver. The nature of the beast is to immediately wipe out the driver at the tops' advantage gained at the start of the series. That levelled everyone out and we saw 5 different points leaders in three weeks,which makes much more entertainment than one driver shooting clear. King's Lynn will be crucial, Frankie, Dan and Paul all fly round there, and it's no where near the point that Nigel can just settle for a place.
  8. Graham B

    Fewest finishers?

    That infamous Bradford amounted to about 6 running, Falding, Bezzy, Dave Johnson,Bobby Burns and two others, think Les Spencer and maybe Murray Harrison? I think there's a 1994 Bradford that was on same night as F2 World, think only 5 finished that as well.
  9. RIP a true legend, and one of the characters that made stock car racing as popular as it was. Always remember his interview after the gn at the 1994 Stoke Semi, wasn't afraid to tell us how it was, and usually he was right on the nail! Condolences to all his family, a truly sad day.
  10. The "proper" national points champion, if you go by the old rules.
  11. Graham B

    Fixtures from 1990

    Ahhh, a tear in the eye looking at that, for all the lost tracks, but memories of the dash from Skeggy to Boston, some would say the main course after the starters. Never forget standing on the home straight stand when Glyn Daft smashed the fence in front of the starter. Sign of the times though, look how many Hednesford and Buxton meetings there are compared to now.
  12. Graham B


    Chuffed to bits that I can actually get to this for a change, huge meeting right on the doorstep. One of the few surviving "men from the boys tracks", yet people would willingly see it lose stock cars forever cos it's not billiard smooth and armco. £20??.you get worse value at a heck of a lot of places for that.
  13. Anyone have this please, the local newspaper would like to have a word?
  14. Well done Dan Johnson on his world cup win in Venray, hopefully a full gold roof in a few weeks 😉 I'll see if the local paper shows as much interest as when I told them of the Euro win!
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