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  1. M6 is shut both ways Junction 6 to 4 from 8pm Saturday night.
  2. Still no news from anybody? or is everybody keeping the codes for themselves??
  3. Has anyone got any promotional codes they can share with us all for the autosport show at the nec yet?.
  4. Team Smith

    autosport show

    hi all Just got stuff through in the post about the show but has no offer codes in it. want to book tickets sooner rather than later has anyone else got any offer codes yet? please share if you have
  5. well done FWJ. a BIG well done to andy as well. tried to win it in the proper fashion by taking the lap handicap. team racing my (jim royal was 'ere!). all in all another brilliant year on the track. thanks to all driver for the racing this year lets hope next year is equally as good.
  6. Hi. Can some who has a rule book please list for me the numbers allowed per grade. How many superstars, how many reds etc.
  7. Strange how 515 jnr can have a holiday in the middle of every season, including when he was world champ and not get all this rubbish written about him. So they missed a weekend, not nice if you are a fan of 390 and 391 am sure, but they, by the end of the season, they will have been to near as dam it every track that is raced at. Give the guys a break or go to the bus next Saturday and give them big sponorship money!
  8. The article states he will race the 2008 season. Does thier season run totally during our closed season or are we going to loose 'a' top driver for part or all of 2008. Like him or not he will be missed if he doesn't race here in 2008. I mean who are the crowd going to boo at. ************positive thoughts*************
  9. Team Smith

    A17 roadworks

    AA website says A17 closed eastbound at Gedney to Sutton Bridge. Post earlier on this subject said eastbound was ok. Anybody with local info can help with what is really going on out there.
  10. help needed!!!!! AA website says A17 closed eastbound at Gedney to Sutton Bridge. can anyone confirm this. earlier posts say eastbound ok. now confused!
  11. If anybody has contact details for the creator of these beautiful models can they please post them on here. Thanks.
  12. thanks to all drivers, mechanics, race officials and all other staff. Good night despite what the weather through at us. See you next sunday hopefully fully dried out by then!!!
  13. My point was cost control. Using two engines in one car does not keep the costs down as they are the expensive part. Following Stu senior round the country you saw him changing diff's and gears etc for each track. Surely this must be cheaper than having two £20,000 plus cars on the go. Yes some drivers can be very quick and competative in 'dual' purpose cars as both Andy and Stuart Junior have proved in the past, along with several others but in the majority of occasions those with a special tar car have an advantage over the others. Is this fair? Is it fun to watch, knowing who is going to have a real chance before a wheel is turned? Already fans are talking about Frankie junior driving away with it in both his semi and the final itself. Yes we all know he works hard for it, prepares his car well, and drives 'fairly' well (you don't know how hard that was to write as a smith fan!!) and enjoys much sucess. I for one don't want stock cars to be like F1 Grand Prix were only a couple can afford to be competative and the rest just rely on luck or others failure to gain points and was just thinking of ways to level the playing oval.
  14. On here and other sites you see alot of people mention 'lack' of drivers at some meetings. to me this seems to be only on tarmac tracks. Is this down to the introduction of special tarmac cars. Speaking to some drivers they have said things like 'on hiding to nothing against a tar car' and 'only chance of damage not points trying to compete on tarmac' I watched through the 70's and 80's with my father and dont remember anyone having special cars. The cost of running one car must be massive and to run two competatively must be out of this world. Having been watching again for the last five years or so the cars are a real work of art these days, both tar and shale cars, and I wouldn't want to go back 20 years, but and its a big but, should drivers be limited to having one car again. If this was done would it increase the car turn outs at all tracks, especially tarmac ones and would it make things more competative with everyone on an more equal footing. Increased driver turnout = increased fan turnout = brighter future for the sport, or is this just to simple a solution
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