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  1. Contact Paul (please PM me and I will pass on his number) or speak to him at the tracks for more details.
  2. I didn't have the best view to see the initial hit, but from my (biased) view to say he took himself out is a little unfair, yes he went into the bend too fast but he even said himself he would have got it round ok until he was caught by the following pack of reds which sent him into the spin and effectively out of the race.
  3. Michael


    The car as last raced by #2... It was sold on at the end of the 1999 season and hasn't been seen on the tracks since.
  4. Michael


    That car was scrapped in 1998.
  5. From memory the European's from 1998 are: 98: Paul Harrison 99: Murray Harrison 00: Rob Speak 01: Rob Speak 02: John Lund Also for some reason I seem to remember Mike James winning the European at Skegness in 1990, although I am not 100% on that
  6. The car is still for sale, sat at the garage waiting for a buyer. If you are interested in the car, send me a PM and I will be able to give you a few more details about the car and pass on your details to Paul if you so wish.
  7. The BSCDA web site may be a good place to start if you are looking at cars for sale. The adverts section has got quite a few cars for sale and it will give you a good guide as to what you will be able to get for your money.
  8. I can give a quick response to save the hassle. When I updated the site on the 17th December I simply forgot to move the Silver from 515 to 391. Nothing untowards is going on, just a simple error I made that wasn't picked up at the time and a month later it has managed to develop into a three page thread.
  9. Wasn't there a problem with the fixture list when it was initially released, the dates were actually wrong for the beginning of August meaning (from memory) the Thursday Night Skegness was on a Friday, as well as Coventry being on a Sunday.
  10. Michael

    Track Records

    Are the fastest laps from 2006 the only ones needed? Some of the above may not be the track records as asked in the original post. Also using Mylaps has its flaws, fastest laps in practice can get counted towards a drivers best times posted and if a driver fails to finish a race their fastest time does not get recorded, I seem to remember 107 going quicker than 515 in a race at Birmingham but because he failed to finish the fastest lap of the race went to 515. The track lengths are posted on Mylaps as well.
  11. Michael

    Its Quiz Night!.

    No. 9 is Paul Harrison (2), he even managed to roll over at Long Eaton.
  12. Michael

    Upset On The Cards?

    He raced at the October meeting in 2004, which is the only time he has raced there.
  13. Michael

    Brisca Heat

    You can buy RFactor from here. The F1 game is currently in development and for updates you may be best to look on the UK Dirt forum.
  14. Michael

    Brisca Heat

    Before you go putting any more potential members off joining up and having a go. I would like to point out that yes set ups help and at some tracks are a must, but at the majority a reasonable set up, which I have found the one's included in the game to be, is enough to get good results and more important to some having good races. For example, this Thursday there is a meeting at Arena Essex Old Skool, (a version of the track some 20+ years ago), where the grip level is very low, giving the impression of a wet track. Having the ability to keep the car on the track is a must for this track never mind tweaking 0.1 of a second from your set up and if you can do that you would be in for some good results. The point about 'non-sliding stockcars' is more a of problem with the game, you can set up your car to have as much oversteer as you like but you will be a long way off the pace. Since the start of BriSCA Heat the cars have been driven this way as the base for the game is NASCAR Heat which was developed and designed for a different style of racing, where cars sliding is not necessarily a good thing. Over the past few years there has been a few attempts at creating a car which handles more like the real thing, but for one reason or another has never really been successful.
  15. I don't know if it will be any good (the qaulity is a bit poor) to you but below is a pic of 391 at Northampton the day after his win in 1994. Taken from the 39one site and no idea who took the picture.
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