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  1. Team Wainman all in one Semi !!!
  2. -SY-

    World final tickets

    Just letting you know, my tickets arrived today. Although still no reply from Skegness stadium. I've just watched the 2012 World Final at Skegness again. Getting very excited for the big day now
  3. I wonder how much Matt Newson is willing to pay to use Mark Sargent's car
  4. -SY-

    World final tickets

    It says Postage and Package £2.00 , so yeah
  5. -SY-

    World final tickets

    ooo Just read that in the T&C's . Cheers for your help, I'll stop panicing now Sy
  6. -SY-

    World final tickets

    Ordered them online. Paypal confirm payment has been sent.
  7. -SY-

    World final tickets

    Does anyone know when the tickets will be dispatched?? I bought mine on 7th July and wondered when I should be receiving them?? I have emailed Skegness Stadium twice and left a message on Facebook too with no response Cheers Sy
  8. -SY-

    Skegness Accommodation

    Thanks for that. I'll check it out
  9. I'm looking to get a hotel/BB booked up for the World Final weekend. I know there are loads of hotels in Skeggy, but was wondering if anyone could recommend any decent ones nearby to the stadium or even a short taxi drive away. Thanks in advance Sy
  10. -SY-

    Rob Speak

    With only 3 qualifying rounds to go, think it's safe to say Rob will secure a spot for the Semi's What are the chances of him coming out of retirement, borrowing a Davidson car and taking his place on the grid??!! Especially if it's at his own track Skegness !! Would be great to see.
  11. -SY-

    BillyTom New Car

    Well, not the way people wanted this to end, but the car looks decent. I hope who ever takes it off your hands does you proud with it. You can see a lot of work and passion has gone into it. Hope to see you back on track soon Billy
  12. Last year Premier Sports did a DVD box set of the whole season. It was the best crimbo prezzie I got. Anyone know if they are planning on doing the same for this year ?? Thanks Sy
  13. I agree with the big screen. It's good for on track interviews where most people can't see. Also with replays of races in between races. Last time the big screen was there. They was a big beer tent behind turn 4. Think it was Heineken tent, loads of dutch in there which was great. How about a daft FATHER-SON (Daughter) Race, in either Minis or reliant robins or Top Gear style cars on top of each other (top one steers, bottom one petals) Frankie + JJ Wainman Paul + Bradley Harrison Warren + Will/Henry Hunter Peter + Jordan Falding Murray + Ryan Harrison Mark + Finn Sargent Mick + Charlie Sworder Andy + Rebecca Smith Ray + Courtney Witts etc...... Or FATHERS V SONS race. Buzzing for the World Final regardless !!!
  14. It there any details about the time schedule for the Saturday?? What time gates open and first race/time trials ? Thanks in advance Sy
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