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  1. Good days racing from all formulas RR: 7/10 DOTD: 346 Ashley England
  2. Great nights racing at Mildenhall. F1s worked really well. More dates here next year please! RR: 9/10 DOTD: 390 Stuart Smith Jnr, great drive in the Final after getting caught up early on. Another top 3 in the Grand National too from the lap handicap. Mentions to 267 and 280 who were going good all night
  3. 259 had a problem with a wheel and went back to the pits but couldnt sort it in time.Ok cheers for the info
  4. Can someone tell me why 25 and 259 were told to go off the track in the Final at Stoke yet both had top 12 finishes in the Heats and 312 didnt but was allowed to race?
  5. RR: 7/10 DOTD: 390 Stuart Smith JNR - unstoppable all night
  6. RR: 6/10 DOTD: 346 Ashley England - flying in every race, just ran out of laps in the Final to push for the win, not been to testing once before the night too
  7. Low crowd last night, I don't know why? You clearly don't need 30+ cars for a great meeting. F1 Stockcar racing certainly isn't dead. Anyway... I thought it was a great meeting last night with many battles going on. 515 had a poor night apart from his first Heat (fair play 338 by the way!). As a few have said above, the way 445 drove that car was awesome to watch, he was unlucky to not have a top 3 in the Final. 390 didn't have a great night but got the points he needed to be top of the shootout. My DOTD is 310 Stephen Mallinson for a great F1 debut! DOTD: 310 Stephen Mallinson RR: 8/10
  8. A decent nights racing. 445 quick again for his ninth Final win. 2 was very consistent with 3 top 3s. A great drive by 346 in the Grand National which gave him a deserved win in his first time on the shale in an F1. RR 8/10 DOTD: 2 Paul Harrison closely followed by 445
  9. Decent nights racing, plenty of battles going on. Don't see it was hot rods style racing? 84 was quick in the wet and the 445 and 390 battle was good in the Semi. 445 cleared out the back markers properly RR: 7/10 DOTD: 445 Nigel Green
  10. Decent nights racing. The two yellow graders in the Final with brilliant drives RR 7/10 DOTD: 293 Eliot Smith
  11. A bit better days racing. European race was good RR 6/10 DOTD: 445 Nigel Green
  12. Not the best, not the worst RR 5/10 DOTD: 462 Scott Davids
  13. Fantastic days racing again, a brilliant weekend RR: 9/10 DOTD: 145 Joe Gladden
  14. Great racing from all 3 formulas RR 9/10 DOTD: 445 Nigel Green
  15. Decent days racing from all formulas, good battles going on in each race. Cracking last bend in the Final from 55 to take the win DOTD: 55 Craig Finnikin RR: 7/10
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